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Character Stats Edit

Name: Evangeline

Title: None

Age: 13 at death

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: No eyes. In human guise they are blue.

Skin Color: Pale white with a slight bluish cast

Height: 5'3

Marital Status: Unknown

Mother: Matilda, deceased

Father: Langston, whereabouts unknown

Siblings: None

Appearance Edit

Evageline was young when she died, somewhere between fourteen and seventeen. Her well developed form would suggest older, whereas her nervous, shy demeanor would suggest youth. Eva is a slight creature, standing no more than 5'3. While her empty eye sockets are shocking evidence of her Forsaken nature, her well cared for, shining black hair and blemish free skin are rather incongorous. She always wears a red bandit's mask over the lower half of her face, perhaps indicating some horror hidden beneath. Her movements are the skittering, anxious movements of a surprised spider. An herb bag is often seen at her hip, smelling of fragrant herbs and wildflowers. A thick green scent clings to her, as though it comes from her very pores.

Personality Edit

Eva, in contrast to most of her race, is a sweet girl without guile. She projects an air of innocence, though her keen observations temper her childlike qualities. When upset or otherwise roused she is giving to stuttering, though this trait has been fading as she gains experience and confidence. There are few more devoted and loving; when she gives her heart, she does so without reservation. She is generally quiet, though when her back is to the wall she can be as fierce as anyone, her sudden backbone often surprising others. Occasionally she struggles with darker impulses, but has been able to stave them off so far.

Background Edit

Eva does not remember her living life, and no one knows the secrets of who she was save Culgrim Darkstorm. Even he has only the first glimmerings of understanding.

Goals and Motivations Edit

Eva desperately wants to be a good person and do good things. Her overriding goal at the moment is to get her best friend, a Blood Knight called Evandur, to fall for her.


Evandur teases Eva by pretending to be asleep

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Tends to stutter when experiencing strong emotions

Employs a variety of alchemy to appear more alive and attractive

Never cannibalizes in the company of anyone who is not Forsaken

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

Eva remains under the radar of most. Hence there are few rumors about her, other than she spends a goodly amount of time in Evandur's company. She lives in a crypt ruled by the Forsaken warlock Tlazaraal. It can be assumed that, as a rogue, she likely has connections to Ravenholdt and the Deathstalkers. Some Forsaken grumble that she is trying too hard to deny her Forsaken nature.

Quotes Edit

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