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Eliani Shadowsun's hair is long and wavy, often kept up in pigtails or left to fall past her shoulders. Her hair has faded to being brown in color. Around her head is a pair of goggles, which she Neverremoves. These goggles have a faint purple glow to them, enchanted to grant her sight. Behind the goggles sit two, empty, eye sockets, small scars around them hint to the violent process of losing her eyes.

Her body is slender, even after pregnancy. She's rather small in size but makes up for it in her figure. She's better off in the chest than most elves, rivaling that of humans, and fit enough in the rear. She uses these traits to her advantage, wearing skin tight leather when doing jobs or stealing or even a very revealing shirt. She is often seen flirting with whomever is her current target, or to try and get out of danger.

Around her neck are two pendants. The first is a gold chain with golden sun. Inset into the sun is a black onyx stone. It is a symbol of her family, whom she recent found out was noble. The second is a silver chain, with a silver moon. Inset into the moon is a diamond heart, a symbol of the family of her 'sister'.

She has three notable scars across her body. The first is over her left eye, from just over her eyebrow to the tip of her nose. The second is around her right wrist, a jagged but thin scar runs it's circumference. The third runs around her waist, the ugliest of the three, though she does little to hide it. It too is jagged, a healed scar from her last encounter with the Hellstorm clan. Needless to say, had a priest not been passing by she'd be dead.

The rest is what you see in the game.


Very little is known about this Elf except that she was an orphan for a small part of her childhood, quickly leaving and living life on her own. She was held to trial in Orgrimmar, only because of warrants in Silvermoon out at the time. Said warrants kept her from being beheaded on the spot. She was sentenced to be an Apothecary Test Subject, but quickly escaped during the escort. She went on to hold two more major weapon heists before being dealt with by the Hellstorm clan.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Eliani seems to have settled down a bit, keeping low about her warrants and arrests as well as attempting to start a family of sorts, however disfunctional it may be.

Though rumors have picked up of her plots to develop a cross-faction smuggling ring.


  • Eliani is an Alcoholic.
  • She is often found doing things she shouldn't be, even after countless warnings.
  • Despite her usually somewhat tipsy state, she is very nimble and crafty.
  • Wanted for countless crimes and a few goblin murders.
  • She's finally learned to read and write.
  • An excellent artist.
  • She is wanted by the Orgrimmar and all goblin factions.
  • She's engaged to Elyseth 'Carrion Crow'.
  • Believed to have a crime partner, Celeania) Solliden.
  • Has returned to Veldbarad.
  • Eliani is bisexual.
  • She has one child, Alanaa, whom she loves to death despite how the pregnancy happened.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

She is listed, by Thrall, as a heretic to the Horde, having stolen weapons during a time of war and then selling them to Alliance merchants. Current Value of her head is about 200,000 gold from Orgrimmar alone. Goblins are offering quite a bit less, greedy bastards.

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