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Character Stats Edit

Name: Elarandine Fairchild (Elara)

Title: None given

Age: 54 (or so she says-- she is not quite certain of her exact age.)

Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: Tanned

Height: 5'10"

Marital Status: Widowed

Mother: Evelyn Grace; deceased

Father: Ismond Breckenthal; alive and stationed in Honor Hold (not to be confused with the MG character Ismond)

Siblings: Lawrence Breckenthal; half-brother, alive and stationed in Northrend

Appearance Edit

Tall and stern-looking, with hazel eyes usually narrowed in thought and formerly red hair that has gone almost completely white and is kept neatly trimmed at her shoulders. She moves with a certain casual grace that speaks less of the dignified priestess and more of the former street urchin, even if she is perhaps not quite as spry as her younger counterparts. She carries a smell of herbs, spices and a trace of cheap tobacco.

Personality Edit

Elara is definitely not the easiest person in the world to deal with, as she presents a very rough-edged and cynical exterior, and is oftentimes quite blunt. She also has something of a hedonistic streak. However, she also harbors a deeply rooted sense of justice, although some would consider her too harsh in her views.

Background Edit

((A work in progress))

Goals and Motivations Edit

Hold onto what remains of her sanity.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Known to chain-smoke when the going gets particularly rough.

Is quite fond of cats, and keeps several of them. She refers to herself as a 'card-carrying member of the Crazy Cat Lady Club'.

In spite of her impressive collection of clothing, she is rarely seen wearing anything other than her black dress.

Has a nearly eidetic memory, which has mostly made her job even more difficult.

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

Has a grown daughter, Maedri Swift (nee Fairchild), who joined the Scarlet March. Elara disowned her for this; however, Maedri has since come to her senses and mother and daughter seem to enjoy a strong relationship.

Elara was often seen in the company of Lord Ashrinn Pinecroft, which was in itself unusual for a woman known for her dislike of nobility. However, a major falling out occurred between them that Elara admits was largely her fault and almost completely ruined their friendship until fairly recently. A Winter Veil party at the Pinecroft Manor may have had something to do with their ceasefire.

She was also recently involved with the trial of Dame Liuceijya Silverblade, a former officer of the Scarlet Crusade convicted and executed for war crimes and numerous murder charges. The fact that Liuceijya also happened to be Ashrinn's daughter-in-law may go a long ways towards explaining her strong reaction towards Maedri's allegiance with the Scarlet March.

Is known to be somewhat unstable mentally, perhaps because of her decades spent going through the minds of society's dregs. She has improved significantly since her nadir months ago but remains quite cautious about what to do with herself.

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