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Eidra is a draenei warrior on the realm of Moon Guard. More to come.


More to come.


Eidra is a devout of the Aldor Priesthood and a zealous follower of the holy Light. Coming from a life where her devotions were commonplace, she is very outspoken and seldom tolerant of other beliefs.

Inadvertently, she feels the native races of Azeroth as being something on a tier lower than that of her fellow Draenei. While she feels no contempt or derision for them, she sees them as lesser beings that have been long in need of the guidance of ones such as the children of Argus. This often causes troubles between herself and those who she becomes close to.

At the time of her coming to Azeroth, she was swayed by the teachings of a Night Elf who taught the ways of peace and understanding. These teachings followed closely to those of her beloved Aldor, whom taught the values of forgiveness and redemption. Though seen only from afar, Eidra's affinity for this creature affected her in a way deeper than she had ever experienced in Shattrath.

Such was deeper the wound when tragedy struck. Eidra was away tending to the infestation of a certain murderous fish-people when the instigators of War came upon the path of the Peacewalker, and struck her down in the name of the Horde.

(To be completed)


More to come.

Goals and motivationsEdit

More to come.


More to come.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

During her first days on Azeroth, Eidra sincerely believed that Gnomes were being kept as pets and livestock. This assumption was corrected in an awkward PuG expedition into Gnomeregan.

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