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Eakr Doombrow spent the majority of his life as those in the Doombrow clan have spent their lives for generations: a goat herder wandering the vast Hinterlands mountainsides. Unexpectedly one morning, the young Dwarf experienced a spiritual epiphany that left him changed forever. Now, he roams the East as a solitary figure, doing good where he can.


Recent EventsEdit

  • Eakr has taken to calling the quiet town of Lakeshire home, spending his days split between relaxing on the lake and dealing with the local orcish raids.


While the iconic Dwarf has his ample muscle hidden under an equally amble layer of lager-fed , Eakr is lean and ruggedly cut with think, sinewy arms and shoulders. His skin is deeply tanned from his years under the sun, with wrinkles starting to form around his brightly shining eyes. His sun-bleached hair is kept long and strands often escape from behind his ears and obscure the freely offered smile that often creeps across his face.


Like most of the Wildhammer Dwarves, Eakr shows more than a small wild side. Given to iconoclastic outburts, he would rather be left along to go and do how he pleases, even is his now light-imbued conscious always directs him into the paths of those who need help.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

Hobbies and InterestsEdit


  • Likes: Water dripping off of his hair & beard, hoppy ales & lagers, making right out of wrong situations
  • Dislikes: Too much organization,

Character EvolutionEdit

This section deals with thoughts and trivia from the character creator’s perspective.

The concept of Eakr came about with one of those random ideas that decide to pop into your head and take up residency there. "What is a laid-back surfer with a no worries attitude was a paladin? What would that look like?" Thus, Eakr was born.

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