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Height 5'6" in (167 cm)
Weight 128 lbs (58 kg)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue (Glowing)
Skin Color Pale
Scars Missing end of right ear

Across the face

This elven woman is gaunt, with eyes that glow a vibrant blue reminiscent of rimefire.

Her features, while perhaps once handsome, are now made far more severe by death.

Her skin is for the most part alabaster in tone, though her extremities (such as fingers and ears) blanch and then blacken with frostbite. The end of her right ear is missing and there is a thin scar running across her face from her right eye, across the thin bridge of her nose, which ends on the edge of the opposite cheekbone. Despite the dark circles under her eyes, faint wrinkle lines are able to be seen.

She wears various emblems pinned to the bandages wound around her neck, the most notable of which are a bi-metal corona and sword, and coiled silver serpent.


Some days, she is quiet and withdrawn, hardly speaking a word (even to those who she knows). On others she is loud, opinionated, and tactless; often censuring those around her without remorse. She seems to act with little concern for her personal safety, let alone public opinion of her.

While empathic to her surroundings, she seems to often choose to not be polite, lambasting others for their weaknesses; especially if they fall short of her personal code of ethics or seek pity without attempt to work toward bettering their lot. Some might think there would be more beneath this coarse exterior; yet, it appears as if this is not the case, for even in her rare moments of kindness she is still stern and quick with a scathing remark if her charity is harped upon.

She has a visceral take on her surroundings and a keen intuition, which allows her to often pick apart the machinations of others; while in most situations, she first observes and then schemes, always looking for an edge. She is a tactician and diplomat at heart, favoring words over steel.

Others might claim her studious or naive, terms that would be met with an indignant reaction. Yet, she often appears confused (and thus annoyed) by slang or odd social behaviors when interacting with others and is prone to expound on random subjects, at least those of personal interest.


  • Speaks an archaic, stilted form of Thalassian, often exchanging words with older forms of Elven.

Public KnowledgeEdit

  • Speculation has begun in regards to her origin. In public she claims to be an average elf, yet there are hints otherwise (to a trained eye).
    The tarnished silver ring and serpentine emblem she wears are extremely old, appearing similar in origin to relics from the era before the Sundering. The sigils etched into her runeblade, which she calls Dae'delloth, appear to be the ancient script often found in ruins such as those in Azshara, Eldre'Thalas, or the recently discovered Shandaral. These objects and her curious manner of speaking the Thalassian tongue lend to the theory that she may very well in fact be Highborne or worse, one of the vampiric creatures known as Darkfallen.
  • Despite being formally dead, she is often seen cooking or fishing. Why she still maintains such banal habits on the other hand, is unknown.

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