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Dwyn Tava'Don is a level 80 Mage on the realm of Moon Guard, she is currently serving as High-Guard helping her friend Yu'Nique with The Lost Order.


Dwyn stands at the average height and weight of most Sin'dorei. She sports Emerald Eyes and hair completely bleached white from the usage of heavy Arcane magic. Carrying a very calm but confident demeanor, it's hard to tell what she's thinking of.


Dwyn is a very reserved individual and speaks only when it will make the most impact or if she's giving a lecture of any kind. However, don't let her quiet demeanor fool you, if provoked, she will lash out the the coldest of tongues, hence her nickname given by her friends, "The Ice Queen".

While she may seem cold and reserved, when in the company of her closest friends and guildmates, she is more open and even willing at times to have a little fun.


Dwyn was born ten years after the War of the Three Hammers and is the oldest of two daughters. Growing up, "why?" was the question heard most out of her mouth. In time, she took her incessant question asking and attained Historical Scholar Status among the Sin'dorei.

Though after the First War between Humans and Orcs started, she started to learn the Arcane Arts to defend herself. However, she did not complete her training until she was under the tutilage of the Kirin'Tor during the Second War and to this day holds their teachings to the fullest extent.

Even though Dwyn has been studying the Arcane for only 3 decades, it is clear she is truly a master of her Art and has no problems showing of when necessary.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Knowledge is what drives Dwyn in everything she does. "Knowledge is Power" is the quote heard most from her. Whether it is a historical account of a place or race, the exploration of dungeons, finding new ways of utilizing her magic, or studying other forms of magic...she is driven to be as knowledgable as she can be.

Personal AccomplishmentsEdit

  • While the Tauren shun the Arcane, Dwyn has earned their respect through the Rites of the Earthmother.
  • Dwyn has found a way to keep from relying as heavily on the draining of Fel Magics. Using meditation techniques she learned from the Shamans of Thunderbluff, she draws on the ambient energies of the earth.
  • Not only an Adept Arcanist, Dwyn is also very knowledgable about many other forms of magic.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Dwyn has a younger sister, a perky Pyromaniac by the name of Kwyn.
  • It is said that Dwyn is so cold due to a broken engagement from almost two centuries ago.
  • Dwyn's father is one of the Silvermoon City council men and is constantly at odds with him.
  • Accompanying her closest friend, Yu'Nique Lightguard, as much as possible, there are rumors of something more than friendship between the two...HA!

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