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  • Name: Dusty Solliden/Clairabelle Elizabeth Solliden
  • Age: Died at nineteen, now twenty nine years old.
  • Height: Six and a half feet high.
  • Marital Stats: Divorced and single, seems to be happy that way.
  • Siblings: Xantenise Solliden (Undead, played), Samuel Solliden (dead), Roran Solliden (status unknown).
  • Children: (Adopted) Jezhe Solliden, Nadim Solliden
  • Hair Colour: Brownish greenish colour, however shows traces of the gold it once was.

An Expedition...Edit

Dusty and her family vanished from Azeroth in late September to sail to the islands and ambitiously discover new worlds. Occasionally their progress leaks back to Azeroth, and now rumours have appeared that the clan will return within a few months...

The Solliden ClanEdit

Dusty is the matriach of what has been dubbed as "The Solliden Clan." Including her sister, Xantenise, and her adopted children Jezhe and Nadim, the four are extremely tight-knit along with her demon, Rupkol.

Jezhe SollidenEdit

A couple of years ago with the help of an elf, Dusty adopted the young Jezhe from the orphanage in Shattrath City.

Now, Jezhe is two and a half years old and appears to have run into some health problems - now she wears goggles to protect her oversensitive eyes from the sun, and a shawl covers all of her hair and ears aside from the occasional stray sprig. Aside from that, the child seems happy and content to babble away in a mixture of Thalassian, Orcish and Gutterspeak, much to the dismay of her relatives, who'd just like some peace and quiet, thank you very much.

Mental HealthEdit

Once having been colder than Northrend and exhibiting even more severe moodswings than her sister, Dusty has finally become a tolerable person. She is more friendly, though not openly so, and seems to cherish her solitude in a way she never had before.


Over time, Dusty would grow close to almost all of her minions, who mostly seem to appreciate her in return. Dusty is protective of her demons, strangely enough, and seems to value them more as companions than magical tools. Dusty has been known to criticise other warlocks in their use of demons.


"Don't call her that!"

Once Dusty's enemy, Rupkol has become her best friend and when his owner is hiding something, is liable to drag it out from under the carpet for all to see, much to her annoyance.


"The answer to all of love's problems is sterilisation."

A recluse, Zhar'kath dislikes speaking to more than one person at once and unlike the other demons, doesn't trust the Solliden clan.


"When you're looking after two screaming babies, suddenly you lose interest in making your own."

Lissa continues to look after two baby elves. Once put temporarily into her care by an anxious mother, the mother never returned, and almost two years later Lissa loyally awaits her return.



Known to be just plain evil, Flaafum is often ridiculed by the other demons because of his name's similarity to "Fluffy". He certainly pretends to live up to the name, though he's been known to snicker at others' misfortunes. Though he does not speak, he appears to understand perfectly what goes on around him.

The Flaming MightEdit

The felsteed, Might, as she is known, is a simple demon who doesn't like to do much aside from wander around the Nether by herself. The other demons like to make up rumours about her.


"Mmmmm. Hat."

The last thing Dusty expected when she summoned the dreadsteed from Xoroth was for a smart aleck, prankster demon which could not only talk - but also insist on being called "Steve". He constantly cracks bad jokes and likes making dry remarks about everything - however, unlike the other demons, he will rarely betray Dusty's feelings to others, and is more likely to leave her to her own devices while she's distressed.

Lissa is suspicious of Steve's true motives, however, since occasionally the dreadsteed has been known to fall into plain bizarre silences, and seems unnaturally fascinated with the spellbooks Dusty brought back from Karazhan.

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