Name: Dreage Monar Marjanye

Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Yellow
Skin color: An almost off-white color
Height: 5'0"
Spouse: Murdered.
Children: Murdered.
Siblings: Murdered.
Parents: Murdered.


This Forsaken, slumped shouldered and motioning carelessnes, has retained most features through Undeath. He retains his jaw, eyes, cheekbones, hair..just a few areas of torn skin across his face.

His hair is wraggly and unkempt, starting, draping from cheek to cheek, ending, resting on the back of his visible backbone.

His odor is something you'd expect to smell if the apothecarium had, hypothetically, been burned down to the ground.


Dreage is rather insane. He takes liking to people for reasons most people fail to see. His motives are always unclear, and he rarely speaks about himself. He usually does what's best for him, following his own path and caring little to none about anyone elses. Humerous and manipulative, this Forsaken isn't someone that people with little patience would want to meet.


Goals and MotivationsEdit

Dreage's goals are constantly changing. Currently, he strives for peace to Horde homelands, perfection of his arts in alchemy and magic as well as conjuring the "perfect potion."

His motivation is unclear.

==Relationships-- Dreage is only close to one. And it's not a person. Dreage is constantly accompanied by a small snowshoe rabbit. A woman that had stolen his heart, in an almost literal sense, brought this to Dreage. Worried that this small, innocent creature may make him look incredibly foolish, Dreage sought to kill it, perhaps make a few copper and sell it for food. But try as he might he constantly fails to do so.

Whenever he isn't seeking a new way to trick himself into murderring this creature, he's usually training it, or giving it an errand to run. As, throughout the years, the rabbit has became remarkably wise in sense of direction, knowing his way from Silverpine to the Exodar, this rabbit is no mere creature.

A poison, Dreage had given it, had little effect. In fact, the rabbit seemed to of had shown signs of better health. It's now on its fifth year of life.

Its tasks usually include running letters to people, fetching alchemy supplies, and sending out notices of wishes to purchase/sell something.

The rabbit is paticurally skilled in direction, patience, face recognizition, caution, memory, smell and grape eating.

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