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Dorafalore Amberdawn is a Blood elf shadow priestess on the realm Moon Guard.


Dorafalore is tall and pale and trim, but not athletic. Her dark hair is thick and lustrous and falls a little below her shoulders. She is not exceptionally pretty, but thus far her adventuring career has spared her any lasting scars. Her hands are surprisingly calloused, and every one of her fingernails is bitten short. She wears too much jewelry and also has a habit of wearing ornate robes, of a style normally worn by mages and warlocks.


Dorafalore tries very hard to be a good priestess and treats everyone she meets with an open compassion. Underneath that, however, she has a decidedly bloodthirsty streak, which she lets loose upon anyone who threatens Quel'thalas or, lately, the Horde as a whole. She is loyal to a fault and is extremely reluctant to betray any past friendship. She is also recklessly curious, and has a tendency to pursue any mystery to its bitter end, no matter what dangers she may bring upon herself in the process.


Dorafalore is descended from the Amberdawns, a family who has faithfully served Quel'thalas as priests since time immemorial. Dorafalore grew up in the quiet countryside around Fairbreeze Village, and was fortunate enough to have both parents survive the Third War (although many of her aunts and uncles were lost). When she came of age, she considered becoming an arcanist of some sort, but her parents pressured her into following the family tradition, and she journeyed to Silvermoon to train as a novice in Sunfury Spire. She recently was elevated to the rank of a full priestess.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Dorafalore lives to serve and protect her friends, the sindorei, and the Horde, in that order. As yet none of these have come into conflict; it is not clear what will happen if they ever do. She also spends a great deal of time seeking out knowledge; she is often seen buried in her books or out in the world, observing her surroundings with scholarly interest.


  • Despite her priestly occupation, she has a habit of spending her evenings in bars, an unfortunate love of good alcohol, and a tendency to curse when she is surprised or frustrated.
  • Somewhere she acquired two kittens, Xaxas and Sylvanas, whom she dotes upon.
  • She has frequently declared that someday she will write a book about her journeys; for now, however, there is only her journal.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Dorafalore is, on the whole, an unremarkable citizen of Quel'thalas.

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