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Self-proclaimed Treasure Hunter Extraordinare.


Pale skin contrasts against her copper hair, kept back and out of the way by means of a silver clasp. A pair of earrings crafted from the same material would be the only jewelry she would visibly wear. She is compact and physically more hardy than many would believe a dwarf would be - being of such short stature and all - and what is a slight labor effort to a dwarf tends to surprise those who underestimate her race's true prowess.


Dolyn has the heart of an adventurer, and seeks out any errands that take her far and beyond the normal bounds of Azeroth for the mere thrill of travel. She is loud and boisterous, keeping her prejudices, but generally good natured and quick on the laugh. The dwarf is just as swift to offer a jest as to pick up her fists in a brawl.



Dolyn Evergreen and a younger Gypsy begin their adventure, leaving the snowy vale of Dun Morogh behind.

The War of the Three Hammers caught Dolyn as a civilian and did not actively engage in the dwarves' civil war. So soon as the new clans' boundaries were set and things calmed down, Dolyn's thrill-seeking heart could not be happily contained in Dun Morogh and saved up enough coin by offering herself to local errands and jobs to purchase a ram, some supplies, and a gun, and rode out to see what the world beyond the peaks had to offer. Accompanied by Gypsy, an old black sow, the pair set out to explore Azeroth and become (self-proclaimed) treasure hunters extraordinare!

Currently, Dolyn makes her living through her work with the local militia and by collecting minerals, herbs, and cloth, for market. Any weapon or armor she finds by fortunate chance also adds to her income. Her efforts to halt the Defias Brotherhood's advances in Westfall has been noted by the Stormwind officials and has been rewarded a fine Elwynn pony for her service. And though the Night Elves would tend to not intrude in the matter of dwarves, they cannot deny the female's work and dedication to their cause within their lands and an agreement has been settled to train a runt nightsaber cub to become Dolyn's mount. She is eyeing the Elekks next.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Dolyn's motivation is adventure; a sort of "climbing the mountain because it's there" mentality. There's always a nook to explore and a cranny to see - and if it contains a treasure coffer or two then all the better! Her goal is to see all that is in this world and the other, collecting rare items, and have the best travel stories and anecdotes around the fire.


  • Has a tendency to call races by what they are, not by the individual's name. For example, Dolyn refers to elves (Night Elf and Blood Elf) as a "twiggy", while Draenei are known as "hock-legs."
  • Rarely allows her pets to enter a building with her, as she knows that - though are excellent companions and comrades - animals belong outside. Though usually she will leave other hunters and their pets to do as they wish, if the pet is a disturbance (for example: Filling up a seat), Dolyn will usually call out to the owner.
  • She'll try anything once.
  • Dolyn likes to frequent Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire, admiring the rowdy and lively ambience it yields. Though has no love for the local brew, aptly terming it as "piss-water."

Current PetsEdit

  • (Combat) Gyspsy: An old sow, native to the valley of Dun Morogh. Has been Dolyn's companion since the beggining. During Dolyn's venture into the Barrens, she has learned of the Quilboar's admiration for these animals and the special armor they adorn them in - in reverence to Agamaggan. Thus, when the opportunity arose, the dwarf stole a set for her friend. Rotting Agam'ar
  • (Combat) Kefren: Still in the Barrens, Dolyn had been eyeing a small Prowler pride within the border of Ratchet. Watching how roughly the adult males fought impressed Dolyn so much that she plucked a male cub for herself to train in battle.

Cat lion

  • (Non-Combat/Companion Pet) Tweedle: While visiting the city of Darnassus, Dolyn came across an animal vendor offering pygmy breeds of the native Great Horned Owlsfor a reasonable price. Though Tweedle was first a mere pet she could lavish praise to and spoil, soon the small owl was trained as a scout to view ahead where Dolyn could not see. (Note: This is the Hunter's Vision zooming-in effect in game mechanics.)

Current MountsEdit


A dwarf on a Darnassian Nightstalker? In your face, Night Elves.

  • Billy Boy: Sturdy Dun Morogh gray ram. Now in service as pack animal.
  • Nobrush: Elwynn brown pony stallion given to Dolyn for her efforts in the Stormwind Militia.
  • Rayas: Runt Nightsaber cub from Darnassus. For Dolyn it's yet another achievement of the dwarves versus the elves.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

Throught her travels, Dolyn has been questioned frequently if she is of the Wildhammer Clan- due to the similar physical characteristics they share and Dolyn's fiery personality - and though she continues to deny any ties to the hill dwarves, she has recently grown concerned that continuous assumption could hide some truth.

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