The following players have established some fame or notoriety within the Moon Guard community, in role-play or in accomplishments:

Blood Elves Edit

  • Sinzaram - Blood Elf Mage Sin Zaram is a powerful Sin'dorei archmage, however he is often ridiculed because of his young age and recklessness.
  • Schwarzwind - Blood Elf Paladin A defensive guardian of the light, is renowned for having repeated misfortune to such an extent that "I blame Schwarzwind" is a frequent and credible alibi.
  • Solarine - Blood Elf Rogue Solarine is sometimes seen lurking about in the shadows of various cities while wearing a tuxedo and a mask.
  • Stiev - Blood Elf Warlock The self-proclaimed 'most awesome guy on the whole server'. According to his player he is 'normally found in raids and zones he could not possibly access without a port, frequently found running back to his corpse after being one-shotted...' yet he 'still remains awesome'.
  • Rincewind - Blood Elf Warlock Rincewind is the only openly insane person around. He has affected several other people, generally by causing disturbances and turning everything around him into a disaster. Currently engaged in-character to Zuriwani, a Troll Shaman with awful taste in men. Out-of-character, Rincewind was a controversial figure on the realm forum and was banned from posting by Blizzard, allegedly 'for trolling'.
  • Sephith Darklight - Blood Elf Rogue A quite Elf, usually seen hiding her face in some form or another. She spends little time around the company of others and is rarely seen within the walls of any city or other settlement. She travels the world completing her scouting missions and awaits the day when the SSF will be brimming with activity so she may once again show her place as a Sergeant and return to training new recruits. OOC, just another alt-made-twink ((for now) from boredom. One day she will see 70.
  • Neonis Darklight - Blood Elf Paladin 'Lieutenant General' Neonis Darklight is currently the commanding officer of the Silvermoon Special Forces. Along with his wife and second in command, Lieutenant Mashka Darklight, they are working hard to rebuild the dwindling organization after many years of fighting the Scourge and other enemies of Silvermoon all the while losing its members one by one. OOC, Neonis is known as one of the best Retribution Paladins on the server and is currently settled in the guild Stormblade Clan. He has shown is skill as a Ret Paladin many times, in some cases taking on more than one evenly geared Ret Paladins in PvP and coming out victorious. (Ex. 1v2)
  • Sibyl - Blood Elf Warlock Bi-polar in-character and out. Sibyl is usually seen in Silvermoon City during the very early mornings, or attached to the side of Malak.
  • Tordanis Kar'thiel - Blood Elf - Mage / Druid A Blood Elf with a very strange, and different past. He is open to all who come to him, and hopes to make many allies to take down his foes. His main ones are the Burning Legion, and the Scourge, along with a few baddies that roam Silvermoon City's streets. Sometimes has a trusty companion named Luna, the Great Horned Owl, or Vaelthos, his steed. He tends to be wise at times. He also has some druidic powers from his past. He is also crafty. Usually tries to help out.
  • Valmorgul - Blood Elf Warlock The political and military leader of House Vermillion, Volmorgul is known to personally lead raids on Alliance territory.
  • Lianiotte - Blood Elf Rogue Known in-character for her wise and slightly condescending words in a somewhat crotchety-old-woman demeanor.
  • Mashka Darklight - Blood Elf Warlock 'Lieutenant' Mashka Darklight is currently the second in command of the Silvermoon Special Forces, under her husband 'Lieutenant General' Neonis Darklight. Her current job is refining her own skills and abilities while trying to recruit worthy people into the SSF, while making sure that no ill-words are spread about the current activities of Neonis or his sister, Sephith Darklight. OOC, she is well known as being one of the "great" Trade Trolls of Moon Guard, even the Alliance know her name well enough to hate and/or love her.

  • Langley - Blood Elf Rogue Langley is a unique Sin'Dorei with somewhat eccentric mannerisms. In-character, he is known for his almost childlike outlook on things, exploding watermelons, and unfortunate tumbles from high places. OOCly, he has received much praise for his in-character written works on the realm forum.
  • Mordash Blood Elf Paladin Mordash considers himself 'someone who nobody knows or cares about'. According to him, he is 'rumored to be a retnoob' but 'he sucks so bad that nobody can really tell'.
  • Caspian - Blood Elf Priest Renowned for his healing prowess in battle, Caspian is one of the guild leaders of Deviant.
  • Kaedrin - Blood Elf Priest Known my some as their favorite lush, and by others as a worthless alcoholic, she probably falls to better classification with the latter assessment. She is quite content in this.

  • Lauciani - Blood Elf Rogue Veteran member of the Horde community. Currently working on an RP-PVP project. Minor presence on the realm forums.
  • Waylor - Blood Elf Death Knight(Reanimated Paladin A Relatively lower level paladin compared to the others. In-Character he is a Strong, Defensive, and Righteous member of the Horde. Out of Character he is sometimes unknowing of many subjects but picks it up quickly. He follows the small group of Pro-Dreamskull and member of the Forsaken Empire. For such a low level paladin he has been known to be able to compete with Warriors and Druids in combat since he is one of the few paladins that use warrior Armor along with some paladin armor. After the events on the Spire, no one is sure what happened to him. The other Blood Knights under his command who were with him either succumbed to fel-energy or insanity. But every Blood Knight questioned, either insane or fel-corrupted, said that the same thing happened, "A flash of pure energy ripped through the sky and at the top of the Spire he was cornered by the Wolf..." No one knows for sure what that means, but may have had something to do with the glyphs on his face and back.
  • Katriona - Blood Elf Priest Known as 'The Perfecter'. Katriona currently serves as a veteran for the guild Ascent.
  • Aaisha - Blood Elf Warlock In-character, she's known for having a superiority/inferiority complex. She's established some fame for putting a large bounty on the heads of all the Veldbarad Bornevalesh, particularly their officers (all of which are mentioned here). However, she was recently killed off by said criminals - and the world rejoiced.
  • Xylense - Blood Elf Paladin A helpful and dedicated Elf, Xylense is a strong individual who strives to help for the greater good. Little is known of his past life.

  • Icey - Blood Elf Mage In-character Icey is feared and respected by both the Alliance and the Horde for his cruel efficiency when engaging his foes.
  • Barrick - Blood Elf Paladin A somewhat famous elf that had some fame as the principal of a inherited school for champions. He dissappeared one day in Thousand needle and has been presumed dead. Only a orc has been confirmed to hold information on his whereabouts.
  • Alaryk - Blood Elf Paladin Alaryk once served as an officer for the guild The Merciless and one of their main tanks. He was known by some as one of the best tanks on the server. He has hence transferred off the server.
  • Aloyseus Sunrunner - Blood Elf Hunter He is know for his strange demeanor and dry sarcasm. Prior to his disappearance and their dismemberment, Aloyseus was a vehement enemy of the "VeeBees." The past few months several rumors have begun to circulate: 'Aloyseus is dead;' 'Aloyseus has taken up refuge in the Grizzly Hills.' For months, Aloyseus has made no appearances until only recently.

Draenei Edit

  • Batdogi - Draenei Hunter Slightly odd but generally humourous both in- and out-of-character. She made her fortune as an early provider of Savory Deviate Delights for the Alliance. She carries out a nearly obsessive war against fish all around Azeroth.
  • Alijysiia - Draenei Priest Known for leading the oldest All-Draenei heavy RP guild on the server. Is a bit infamous for being neutral to all factions. (ICly)
  • Draea - Draenei Hunter Known for her in-character charm and open heart towards all of her allies. Loved by all who know her, she is valiant and loyal to the Alliance; but to her enemies, her kind heart turns ice cold.
  • Adiela - Draenei Priest She is leading a "Random Acts of Kindness" movement within the Alliance to create a charitable environment among members/guilds.
  • Ztai - Draenei Hunter In-character, Ztai is considered by some to be 'the sexiest Draenei in leather'. However, she has taken to wearing mail and wearing a wedding ring around her finger.

Dwarf Edit

  • Bruegal "Nordpeak" Hobbington (OOCly Bruegal) - Wildhammer Dwarf Warrior - Age-290 [About 50 in Dwarf years] - Male - Known as the leader of the renown dwarf roleplaying guild the Third Brigade Mountaineers [OOCly Ironforge Mountaineers], the host of the Mountaineer Morning Show and the Daily Dwarf Report, and an active roleplayer in Moon Guard. It is also said he is a member, possibly a leader of an underground organization, however he is often quick to turn these accusations down. He can often be seen in Stormwind visiting the pubs and asking for Dalaran Red or White, Mead, or Rum. He carries around a Diamand Flask which he claims has rum in it all the time. He also has his signature cigar, which he often lights and puffs out purple smoke, the contents of the cigar he never tells. He has several alter egos, these include Shylocke Shaddykins - ex-Lieutenant of the Stormwind Guard and "Godfather" of the Stormwind Guard. Greorth - his long lost fishing friend. Most of his guild members. And Rasmussen.
  • Chelbec - Dwarf Hunter - Known as second in command for Colonel Bruegal and Lt. Colonel of the Mountaineers himself.
  • Camheed- Dwarf Hunter - Known as second in command for Colonel Bruegal and Lot. Colonel of the Mountaineers himself.
  • Samli - Dwarf Hunter - Known for being generally annoying and puting "STFU Trucks" in Trade chat. He is part of the Ironforge Mountaineers and is often scolded many times for being so annoying. He is an ex-member of the Stormwind Guard.
  • Floriette Hobbington (OOCly Floriette) - Wildhammer Dwarf Priest - known as the IC wife of Bruegal and based off his wife in real life, she is just an alternative player of Bruegal (Rarely used, thank god) for some small guild events and staged plays when they are looking for females.
  • Kathrana Bronzewind - Dwarf Priest A semi-known rarity amongst the denizens of Moon Guard, Kathy is one of the only Dwarven priestesses left. She can commonly be found socializing with the rest of the Kult of Kuwhl, or paying her respects to King Terenas Menethil II in the Ruins of Lordaeron.
  • Dennis - Dwarf Warrior An intentionally, abnormally low-level character, Dennis is a fixture in and around Stormwind. Famous for his glowing sword and his deceptively simple greeting, "Hello. I am Dennis." Dennis won the sobriquet "The Savior of Stormwind" after his well-publicized, successful defense of that city against a raid by the guild Pride.
  • Bodan - Dwarf Warrior Known for challenging other characters to duels. Extremely polite, Bodan thanks his opponents for the duel regardless of win or loss, waves, and then happily runs off about his business. His fame extends to both factions.
  • Morlean Dwarf Paladin Morlean Anvil is a dedicated old woman to the Light. Recently a Guild Master to the Blessed Council, for unknown reasons she left. Leaving her most dedicated friends and members behind. Usually found in Goldshire, Stormwind, or Ironforge.

Gnome Edit

  • Risza TruthstormGnome Warrior A brilliant engineer and fierce fighter, some say Risza was born a genius. She is currently the leader of the Underfoot Express, a group of gnomes and taller folk that work the Deeprun Tram and host the nightly "Gnews." She is beginning to show signs of madness, and many of her fans worry constantly about her. She is rarely seen in the daytime, leading some to believe that this genius is a vampire.
  • Tiku - Gnome - Warlock A little Gnome girl with brightly coloured hair and a giggly personality, Tiku is 'very helpful and friendly, even if she does summon demons from the Nether'.
  • Catsin - Gnome Warrior One of the few gnome warriors on Moon Guard. Catsin is usually seen in Shattrath city running around in circles or at the Aldor bank, though she's been spotted more and more frequently in Silvermoon City. Known for hugging members of the Horde before she attacks and also disliking the term "cute" to describe her.
  • Babylon - Gnome Rogue Known as 'The Sapping Gnome' after her antics at the epic Battle of the Deeprun Tram. Short.
  • Ayatan,Nonnie,Tiku - Gnome Warlock Active and well-known on the Moon Guard realm forums, these characters are 'masters of the derail', frequently sending various threads into comical, off-topic territory..

Human Edit

  • Landro - Human Paladin Landro is known for his very far outlook of Azerothian things, Are the Old Gods really evil? How far can the Holy Light go? Ask him!
  • Malagante Calvenon - Human Priest A former Acolyte of the Scourge, Malagante has since escaped the icy grip of the Lich King, siding with the Holy Light, in an attempt to join the war against his former masters.
  • Malrock Fors - Human Mage Malrock gained minor fame when he decided to offer gifts to people in the Capital Cities of the Alliance during Winter's Veil.
  • Mathais Scourgebane Human Paladin A paladin who sports an enchanted warlock grown eye as well as a false heart made of quartz also granted by warlock means.
  • Shinorah Nightsbane - Human Mage An honorable and polite philosopher in-character, known for both her mental discipline and great love of fire. Nora can usually be found with a fine glass of wine in one hand and a dusty tome of arcane lore in the other.
  • Syiel - Human Paladin Syiel Duskhalter is a former Knight of the Silver Hand, who has survived the plague of Lordaeron. He can be overzealous at times, but remains a loyal soldier of the Alliance. He can be commonly found in Outland, and is active in the war against the Burning Legion.
  • Tero Human Rogue Is well known for having the catch-phrase "ITS TERO TIME!!!" and enjoys a good amount of PvP.
  • Varenton - Human Warlock Eccentric and vexing, Varenton is quite an odd character. It is thought that his past experiences in the war against the Horde and The Burning Legion have caused his odd moods, although nothing is known of his past. Despite his many personalities, Varenton is always kind and can be seen around Stormwind City.
  • Sir Bartholomeo Burlguard - Human Priest A fervent priest (former paladin) of the Holy Light and veteran of the First, Second and Third War has gained some recognition through his servile manners, undying service to the Kingdom of Stormwind, wisdom and serenity. He also wrote an autobiography entitled: The Memoirs of Sir Bartholomeo Burlguard
  • Aleksi Dushaat - Human Warrior Also known as the Dread Captain Aleksi, Aleski the Great, and the Dread Captain Aleksi the Great, she is the leader of the Crimson Rose Corsairs who will stop at nothing to put an end to the Steamwheedle Cartel.
  • Oraibi - Human Rogue Ora is a barrister who practices her legal profession in Stormwind. She can also open locks.

Night Elf Edit

  • Drelsun - Night Elf Hunter A suspiciously typical, dark-clad kal'dorei who, upon inquiry, will simply tell you he's a man who "does the odd jobs no one else wants anything to do with." He can frequently be found wandering Stormwind with his wolf, Grudge. (Wiki Page)
  • Eve'n Moon Shadowind - Night Elf Hunter The local nutcase with a split personality disorder, claiming Quel'dorei lineage, she is normally found with her throng of friends ranging from horde to alliance. She most commonly is seen with Saxon "Luce" or Galavis Stormfury, her husband. Eve'n is normally a very calm and soft spoken character but has been known to snap, psychologically, if placed under alot of strain.
  • Fay Firestar - Night Elf Druid A hot-headed yet golden-hearted druidess, Fay has achieved impressive alchemical mastery at a very young age. Control over her druidic powers however, is severely lacking. When her temper is set off, her feral powers go unrestrained, often doing her more harm than good. Her magic is below sub-par, and she is often forced to boost her regenerative magic with a dash of arcane and more than a smidge of alchemical muddling to even resemble comparable to that of other, better trained druids. While she harbors a seething discontent for the Darnassian community, Amyren Autumnlight is among her nearest and dearest.
  • Grayfox - Night Elf Rogue A genius engineer and a deadly assassin who is feared by many, but hated by alot more. Also has been reported multiple times for his "stunts". Sold his soul to Heinz for fifteen gold.
  • Isildra Moonwhisper - Night Elf Rogue First Mate of the Crimson Rose Corsairs and former Priestess, Isildra is a quiet and private person. Generally, she can be found in the Outland in the company of Freii, or on Azeroth, trying her best to keep her Captain, Aleksi Dushaat, out of trouble.
  • Qerrathien Osellea - Night Elf Hunter A chill demeanour for a command major in rank of the Sentinel regiment assisting the alliance in the Eastern Kingdoms. Trained under Teilos, she rapidly climbed the ranks to become one of the more prominent figures of the guard. Polite, but distant, she keeps to her self, and is avid about keeping the law and order in the regions that she is residing in.
  • Iogic Runeclaw - Night Elf Druid A Druid known best for her racism and strong beliefs for the side of the Kal'dorei with "dignity". A leader of her own circle, Vestige of the Kal'dorei.
  • Herbert - Night Elf Hunter Abandoned by his own people at a tender age, Herbert was taken in and raised by gnomes. A mighty woodsman and dentist by trade, Herbert travels the lands in search of adventure.
  • Dsal -Night Elf Hunter A wise foe of the Horde, and a good fellow of the alliance, who will be forever known in greatness. Arch-nemises of Dreamskull for the long time camping outside of Undercity.

Orc Edit

  • Cry - Orc Warrior Known as the 'Dreadnaught'. Cry is a long-time member of the Moon Guard community and is a considerably popular and well-known personality out-of-character on the realm forum.
  • Idaeus - Orc Warrior Known as 'The Gnome Slayer'. He is currently wed in-character to a Blood Elf Paladin named Zrya and together are expecting their first child. Lately spends most of his day tending to his wife as he has quit being a Courier in favor of such duties. (Also pregnant women need love too yo ) In the early months of the realm, Idaeus became a common sight on the realm forum; he often posted in a manner which blended both in-character and out-of-character styles and opinion.
  • Aevic - Orc Warrior Known as the 'The Impenetrable', Aevic currently serves as an officer for the guild Ascent.

Tauren Edit

  • Bremi Felhoof - Tauren Druid Known for her constant battling the Alliance, is a common sight around Westfall, killing anyone dumb enough to attack her. She is usually seen riding her Talbuk, or attached to the side of Dreamskull, her master.
  • Captain Han - Tauren Warrior Known as a variety of nicknames that are truly just mutations of "Hanharr", or very often just "the wookie", this tauren is known for being the guild leader of Veldbarad Bornevalesh and being, overall, random. There's a rather large bounty on his head, thanks to Aaisha, but it's doubtful it'll ever be carried out, just like the rest of the members.
  • Nekaweh Tauren Druid A kind and caring Tauren woman, Greatmother Nekaweh Swifthoof is a gentle soul who has seen much conflict in her years. Seeking her refuge in seclusion as a wondering nomad, she honed her skills as a druid, searching for natural cures in rare and exotic flora all around Azeroth and beyond. Currently, Nekaweh has put her nomadic ways behind her, residing with her new found family.(The Sacred Hunt) She acts as a mother figure of sorts, tending to the younger generations in need of guidance in a chaotic world.
  • Taur - Tauren Shaman Taur was the founder and original guild master of Torment, which currently exists as a major raiding guild. He left the realm for undisclosed reasons shortly after the departure of Clairessa, one of the most popular officers at the time, who stopped playing because of family responsibilities.
  • Salanthe Tauren Shaman In-character, Salanthe is a venerable and cranky tauren shaman known for her healing abilities.

Troll Edit

  • Zealeous Kul'Jira - Troll Warrior A honor bound and dedicated troll, Zealeous is never seen far from his brother-in-name Genki. A berserker gone protector, he prides himself on the devotion he has to his guild and to its members. Currently he is seen flying around outland on his helicopter searching for veins of ore.

  • Zolken - Troll Warrior A very surly, very angry, and very noble Troll, Zolken will help any person who needs it. He was also the first Troll bartender of Silvermoon City. He is currently married with seven children.

Undead Edit

  • Alexian - Undead Priest Known simply as "Alex", is a raid healer for the guild Stormblade Clan. Even in his decaying state he still finds the time to enjoy the little things.
  • Celea - Forsaken Rogue Also known as "The Rat" and "Little Miss Veldbarad," Celea is a proud member of Veldbarad Bornevalesh and one of their top spies. She was the main culprit of the vandalization of the Corpus Veritas-dominated inn, Gallow's End Tavern, and as of last notice, she's still having one hell of a time ripping up Silvermoon with Veldbarad symbols. There's supposed to be quite the bounty on her head ...
  • Centus "Centimanus" MacManus - Forsaken Rogue Centimanus is the founder and former leader of the Couriers of Compassion, who is now recognized by the personal title 'The Gallant of Grace.' In spite of overwhelming physical hideousness, he is an incorrigible philanderer/womanizer, and is considered one of the most controversial figures on the server both in and out of character.
  • Dusty - Forsaken Warlock A sarcastic bitch and one of the highest-ranking members of Veldbarad Bornevalesh, Dusty Solliden is quite possibly one of the biggest mysteries known to Horde-kind. Known for her attitude and the infamous "Rupkol," her bastardly imp, there's quite the bounty on her head at present...
  • Father Genki - Undead Priest Known as 'The Lech'. Rarely seen far away from Shattrah or from a woman. An in-character pervert and womanizer who, despite his physical appearance, can still cause some women's hearts to flutter. He is infamouse amongst the citizens of Stormwind for his escapades through the streets often times fishing in the canals or relaxing in the tavern in the park. Often times friendly, he only raises his mace in defense of himself. Currently he is found devoted to an Undead Priest named Daguna. While Out of character he uses his odd antics and randomness to cause people to laugh both in-game and on the realm forums.
  • Kael Sevothtarte - Undead Warrior Kael Sevothtarte, or Sevoth, was once a mighty crusader under the flag of the Scarlet Crusade, who, when the time came, left with his fellow comrades to form the Argent Dawn. While a member of the Argent Dawn, he was slain in battle only to be revived as an Undead(Forsaken). While he still holds friends in the Argent Dawn, he has given his current loyalty to his old friend, Neonis Darklight, and joined the Silvermoon Special Forces in memory of their departed friend, Arkticus Shadowblades. You can often find him kneeling over the the grave of Arkticus in the Hillsbrad Foothills, or finding refuge at the nearby Ravenholdt Manor.
  • Keldron Therrand - Undead Rogue A relatively quiet character, Keldron is the last of two heirs to a long-dead Alterac noble family. He is generally soft-spoken and laid back, though when time calls, he is incredibly fierce, bloody, and ruthless. He lived with the Frostwolf Clan for some time.
  • Noctus - Undead Priest The leader of the guild Corpus Veritas, Noctus is an incredibly devoted Forsaken. Though he's kind and open, he can be incredibly fearsome when in a state of anger.
  • Ome - Forsaken Rogue A strong presence in Veldbarad Bornevalesh, he's the Interrogations and Negotiations master, or perhaps just better known as "sadistic bastard." Insane? Sure. Emotionless? Certainly. Scary? Hell yes. There's quite a bounty on his head, but no one's gone near enough to collect it as of yet.
  • Vekkul - Undead Warlock Satirical, 'back-handedly friendly', and flirtatious both in- and out-of-character. Out-of-character, Vekkul is a controversial figure on the realm forum, largely due to his open sexual deviancy; some members of the community consider his ethics to be questionable. He is a long-time member of the Moon Guard community.
  • Lesley and Ecaterina Maves - Undead Priest and Human Paladin. In-character siblings who work with passion against the Scourge; Lesley is tolerant and forgiving of some humans, such as members of the Argent Dawn. Ecaterina is merciless and counts the Forsaken among her enemies.

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