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Although Dareus is fairly handsome, there’s something off about him that you can’t quite put your finger on. His reddish brown hair hangs a bit past his shoulders with a well-trimmed goatee on his narrow chin. Slightly thin eyebrows hang over his almond shaped brown eyes that have a hint of coldness about them. His nose is medium sized, and his slightly thin lips curve into an almost sneer. His frame is thin but toned and he has a pale complexion. His robes and body are always clean and well kempt, almost to the point of obsession.


Towards people he doesn’t know Dareus acts polite and respectful, but cold. But towards people he knows and knows well he opens up, but still is cold and doesn’t get very close. Deep down he is kind and considerate, but it is rare to find someone that can see that side of him. He’s kind of sarcastic and looks down on ignorance, but especially blatant ignorance.


Dareus was born seven years after the Dark Portal had been opened in a small village of Ironbury in the northern kingdom of Lordaeron. His father was a carpenter of small reputation and his mother had just moved to the village of Ironbury nearly four years ago from Stormwind. Dareus had an older brother named Zarack who was the son of his mother’s previous marriage. He often heard tales of Zarack’s father who died defending their people from the orc threat. He soon grew jealous of the praise his mother would give Zarack, often hearing her say how much Zarack reminded her of her former husband.

Dareus and Zarack never grew close, their eight-year age difference being one large obstacle to overcome. Almost as soon as Dareus was born, Zarack began training as a page in the order of the Silver Hand so he rarely saw his brother while growing up. Dareus formed a close friendship with a village girl the same age as him named Kiearah Belvidere. As they grew up together, Dareus developed a large crush on Kiearah but never told her his feelings. He grew jealous of Kiearah’s infatuation with his brother and began resenting him, deciding to have no more to do with him.

Kiearah and Dareus together as children.

Dareus was always interested in the study of magic and would often pour over every tome he could get his hands on. He would speak to travelers to the village about magic and the events of the world. Although magic fascinated him, he also decided to pursue it for the reason of it being the furthest thing from the path his brother had taken.

At the age of 14 Dareus traveled to Dalaran to study with the magisters there. For four years he dedicated his life to the study of magic, never returning home to visit his family like his brother had done during his studies. As the Scourge threat from the north grew worse, Dareus and the other apprentices were sent to the Mage’s Tower in Stormwind to continue their studies. For the next 10 years Dareus withdrew himself from the world and continued to dedicate his life toward perfecting his innate magical talent. In the back of his mind he worried for Kiearah’s safety and well being, but never attempted to contact her.

After his 10 years of study and dedication, Dareus had finally become a respected and accomplished mage. He decided to begin traveling and become a greater hero and more respected than his brother. His superiors tasked him with gathering materials to create his garments that would show everyone his station and profession as a mage. As a ritual, Dareus went to the Stormwind Cathedral to pray like he did before each of his appointed tasks. However this time he came across the last person he ever expected to meet. Though the years had changed her from the girl he had last known her as, Dareus recognized Kiearah almost instantly. After a joyous reunion, he listened to her decision to become a paladin with sadness assuming it was an attempt to get close to his brother again. He told her of his task and she offered to help. They traveled together to Loch Modan and succeeded in gathering all the reagents required. After receiving his robes and not wishing to be parted from her side, he offered they journey together. She happily accepted and they began their travels.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Currently Dareus is secretly hoping something will come of his feelings for Kiearah, whom he’s just recently reacquainted with. He wants to show up his brother and become a bigger name than Zarack. He is constantly looking to improve himself in the ways of magic by studying and practicing.


Dareus always liked Kiearah when they were children. He was always worried about her safety, but never heard anything had happened to her. While he hoped she was fine, deep down he feared when Lordaeron was attacked that she was lost. Upon reuniting with her, his feelings for her are resurfacing.

Dareus cannot stand Zarack and chooses to have as little as possible to do with him.


  • Dareus hates warlocks because they disregard some of the fundamentals of magic taught to keep people safe, both the conjurers and common people alike.
  • Dareus prefers frost magic over fire and arcane magic. He sees the uses for arcane magic and understands the reasoning behind fire magic, however he sees frost as a controlled damage with elements from both arcane and fire.
  • He doesn't generally get along well with paladins.

Public Knowledge and RumorsEdit

A record can be found of Dareus attending some schooling in Dalaran before transferring to the Mage’s Tower in Stormwind. Dareus has one brother by name of Zarack Devenish.

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