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Culgrim stands at roughly the average human height of six foot two inches. However that is where all similarities between him and the average human end. Having been described as a "behemoth" by more than one individual the name has stuck as his unofficial title, this was recieved when simply observed due to his massive frame with shoulders spanning easily double the averadge persons width. Culgrim has a physique that is often compared to that of the Draenei as he has a barrel chest, strong abdomen, thick upper and forearms and a defined back. It is these traits that give Culgrim an unintentional intimidating presence.

His face is quite handsome some could say with a strong jaw and brilliant emerald green eyes. His skin is slightly tanned contrasting quite alarmingly with his white silver hair that is often tied up in a large feral looking tail, this however does little to keep it out of his face and from draping down his chest. His right eye is marred from a jagged cut that fell just short of ripping his eye from the socket which causes his right eyebrow to also have a divide down the middle.

He is twenty six years old with skin that betrays the fact that he works in harsh conditions.


Culgirm was once a man full of vibrancy and an almost child like outlook on the world. He was quick to smile and share a laugh with his comrades in arms, however, he has seemed to change drastically since the day that Aerdeth died. He now seems more somber and subdued in general. His face that once adorned a never ending smirk now only seems to crack a grin when Ashantae is around him. His armor too has changed as well as his demeanor, taking on bloodstains and adornments of skulls, seeming more savage , and feral than his armor used to be.


Culgrim was born and raised in Southshore. During his childhood he was quite sickly and his time was often spent within his room or under a tree in the shade reading whatever books he could get his hands upon. Due to his sickness Culgrim did not develop physically in any kind of quick way often appearing gaunt and with sunken eyes. Never the less though he did his best to keep a smile across his face.

His father a paladin in the Scarlet Crusade during its glory days, Culgrim spent some of his time around the paladins and clerics of the order learning what he could about the Crusade. It was there that he met in the dining hall Alexderos Mogriane, the Ashbringer, he instantly began to idolize the legendary warrior , enamored with the aura of power and respect the man eminated. It was here that he also caught glimpses of people that would later shape the future of Azeroth, though no one would know it at the time.

As Culgrim aged his sickness began to get worse and worse leaving him in a constant state of fatigue and even sometimes coughing up blood. His father worked tirelessly to try and channel the light into the boy to cleanse him of whatever disease ailed him, to heal whatever wounded him, it seemed however to have little to no effect on the boy. Culgrim's sickness began to take its toll on more than his body, soon it started effecting the entire family. Culgrim's mother grew more and more depressed as the time went on, watching her son die before her. As time went on her depression became worse and soon became an anger, and resentment. Then one day after a heated argument, she left the house never to be seen until the raid upon Taren Mill, where she met her fate at the legion of invading forsaken.

His father however tried everything he could to aid his boy until the day Culgrim fell into a coma. Then to make matters worse, the third war entered Lordaeron, twisting the bastion of humanity into the work of nightmare and horror. Culgrim's father was called away to serve, leaving Culgrim alone with the medics.

Goals and MotivesEdit

Culgrim's motives have become unclear as of late due to his sudden disapearance from The Azure Order. Tales of the man seemed to almost stop since that day, until the gates to the Argent Tournament opened and a man using Culgrim's name entered.


Aerdeth- Deceased

Victoriea "Silbyr" Desade - No longer on polite terms.


  • Culgrim has been at times known to possess a rather destructive temper.
  • Culgrim is rarely seen without his armor, always seemingly battle ready.
  • Shocks people quite frequently with his love of baking, despite his size and warrior training.

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