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Cudunn Wolfstrider is the last of the Sun Warlords. He is an amicable warrior in his thirties. He has a slender but strong build (5'8") with shoulder length thick blond hair, a grey blue left eye, a dead and milky right eye covered by an eye-patch, and a dueling scar on his right cheek. He is polite and well-spoken, and will respond with courtesy to even the rudest of people. He'll be especially interested in talking with humble academics. When he is out and about, Cudunn favors wearing his hooded wolf cloak above his Malorne helm.

Height 5'8" in ( 178 cm )
Weight 180 lbs ( 90 kg )
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color White
Scars Scar over right eye, Eyepatch


There was once an order of monks devoted to the warring teachings of the Sun Lord Aman'Thul and the Moon Goddess Elune. There were known as Sun Warlords. They possessed extraordinary disciplines in animal kinship, camouflage, hunting, healing, mindblast, mindshield, mind over matter, sixth sense, tracking and weapon skills. Trained from childhood at the monastery of Aman'Thul, the Sun Warlords were Azeroth’s greatest defense against Sargeras’ agents.

At the monastery was a young initiate given the name Cudunn Wolfstrider. On the feast day of Eonar, when all the Sun Warlords gathered at the monastery, Cudunn was sent to cut wood from the surrounding forest as a punishment for his inattention in class. While he was gone, a sneak attack was launched from the Blasted Lands at several places across the Eastern Kingdoms. The monastery was assaulted by the minions of Sargeras and the gathered Sun Warlords were slaughtered. Rushing back from the woods, Cudunn fell on a low-lying tree branch and was knocked out. When he awoke, he found himself the only survivor. Last of the Sun Warlords, he set out for Stormwind to inform King Varian Wrynn of the loss of the order of Aman'Thul.

Cudunn fought with the armies of Stormwind and its ally, Ironforge, to repel the invasion. He pursued and captured the traitor Sulring from the Preachers of Decay who brought about the invasion. In the desert of Tanaris, Cudunn recovered the Book of the Sun, the ancient text which contained the higher lore of the Sun Warlords. With the massacre of the Aman'Thul order, and Cudunn only an initiate, these teachings were thought to be lost.

Cudunn is now on a path of understanding the teachings of Aman'Thul. But the Book of the Sun is ancient and incomplete. To perfect his understanding and train a new order of Sun Warlords, Cudunn must follow the path of Sun Eagle, the first Aman'Thul lord, and author of the Book of the Sun, who quested for the wisdom encapsulated in the Lorestones of Ysera, seven orbs scattered across Azeroth. Cudunn pursued his quest through the war-torn realms, beyond the plane of Azeroth, in the Outlands, to bring about the destruction of Sargeras' Demons. But a new threat has now arisen, the Scourge is plaguing the lands of the living. In company of the Knights Templar, and the Thousand Wardens, Grandmaster Cudunn Wolfstrider seeks to unite the people of Azeroth against the Lich King in Northrend, and the decay that lies even beneath its earth, Yogg-Saron. The Cult of the Damned and the Preachers of Decay have both been their greatest enemies.

In his journey, he has become a champion of the Earth Mother, and as such founded the Malorne Rangers.


Goals & MotivationsEdit

"For the Earth Mother!"

Cudunn is seeking ways to restore the order of Aman'Thul. In the meantime, from his excursions and journey into the wild, he has founded the order of the Malorne Rangers.

The Aman'Thul warlords cherish the notion that the many races in Azeroth are all children of the Earth Mother. In that light, Cudunn thinks that too much bloodshed has already been spilled among the races of Man, Elf, Dwarf, Draenei, Gnome, Tauren, Troll, Orc and Undead, and that constant effort must be reached to bring back peace and harmony. In view of which, Cudunn will often work as a negotiator in conflicts.

Though the entire Aman'Thul order revolves around the teachings of Aman'Thul, the Sun Warlords themselves have no real religion as such. They pay no fealty to Aman'Thul, do not pray to him, nor do they attempt to spread the word of their faith to others. To be a Sun Warlord is to accept a life of meditation, discipline and above all self-improvement, as mind and body are brought into total union. This is the very core of a Sun Warlord, and every effort made is towards this end.


  • Cudunn speaks fine Common language. A few words in the Elven and the Orcish tongues.

Public KnowledgeEdit


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