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Personality Edit

Chrys takes great pride in his appearance, and will openly admit to being vain. The salt and pepper of his hair attests to his age and he loves to dress stylishly. He’s very outgoing and friendly, an apparent optimist seemingly eager to help out others. You catch more flies with honey, afterall, and it’s hard to tell how much of what he says is sincere and how much is a salesman’s snake oil. He does tend to take things in stride and good humor though, genuinely loving his job.

History Edit

Chrysaor grew up on Argus, an ambitious student of the arcane arts like many young Eredar. Early he on admired Kil’Jaeden and wished to follow in his prestigious hoofsteps. He counts himself lucky to have been in his presence once or twice, though never having had the honor of talking to him directly. Chrys considers Kil’Jaeden to be a brilliant and inspiring leader to this day.

When Sargeras arrived on Argus and Velen quietly began to withdraw his followers, families became divided. Chrysaor’s parents and younger brother Paraceldon were wary of the Titan and his promises where Chrys’s trust in Kil’Jaeden’s judgment was firm. When their vocal dissenting parents were murdered in their own home Paraceldon accused Chrysaor of the slaying and left Argus for good.

Chrys was recruited shortly thereafter as an “ambassador” to new worlds, part of a group referred to as “Man’ari Public Relations” as an inside joke amongst it's members. A charming people person sort, he took to it very naturally and honed his arcane skills while persuading the destitute that the Legion would make them strong and powerful; improve their lot in life. Being kept ahead of the Legion is part of what helps members of the jokingly and fondly named 'Man’ari Public Relations' appear and feel less obviously corrupted than their powerful and clearly evil superiors.

Present Edit

He treads carefully on Azeroth and in Outland, functioning as much if not more as a spy now than a recruiter. Now that Velen’s traitorous cowardly lot has been found, and spreading their own version of things amongst the natives, he must be especially wary and cunning to preserve his own hide. He’s particularly fond of Humans and Dwarves, and spends a lot of time amongst them. Especially in areas like Darkshire. He sees a lot of potential there.

In his travels he's also found and hired a Draenei Death Knight as his bodyguard, named Charra. She doesn't remember anything of her past and he's won her over to his ideals. They get along swimmingly, and even flirt often now though he hesitated to act on their chemistry due to her... well, being a corpse. Brewfest got him over it, and now they are an item. She is easily his favorite person on Azeroth and a significant part of his life right now.

His manipulations have even reached the Horde side, due to blackmail schemes and 'helping' certain star crossed lovers keep in touch etc.

Fun Facts Edit

Chrys generally avoids the Exodar. If he must go, he treads even more carefully than usual.

He is very careful and particular about whom he confides in. Don't expect him to run around announcing his Eredar status and going the mustache twirling villain route.

He hates the term "Draenei" and endures it only for his cover. They're all Eredar. He often uses the phrase "My people" or "Our people" instead.

He absolutely loves riding little horsies. It amuses him to no end.

He was originally conceived simply as a part of someone else's storyline, but has taken on a life of his own as a character in his own right.

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