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She has slate blue skin and is built like an athlete. Once considered to be pretty as far as Huntresses go, Chihaya has let herself become unkempt, her purple hair barely managed and her clothing and armor rarely maintenenced. She bears two scar-like facial markings under each eye, and an actual scar on her right cheek.


Chihaya is aloof and often has her head in the clouds. Formally energetic and gung ho, the disillusioned huntress now spends her days wandering idly, pondering the greater meaning of things. She has a gentle nature and dislikes conflict, but will quickly fall back on her weapons with surprisingly little provocation. Like many hunters, she finds the company of wildlife far more comfortable than that of other people.


Chihaya's family lived in the small fishing village of Auberdine in Darkshore. Chihaya grew up a happy child, if a bit tomboyish, and always dreamed of becoming a Sentinel. When she and her best friend Kayede came of age they both pursued their dreams, with Chihaya quickly joining the Silverwing Sentinels and Sumirae joining the priestesses of Elune.

Chihaya's role model was a Huntress named Miyaki. Miyaki was amongst the first wave of night elves who embarked on worldwide adventures after the Third War, and had often returned home to teach aspiring huntresses techniques and tell stories. Miyaki disappeared, however, shortly after the tensions in the contested areas of Azeroth blew up and Chihaya immediately assumed she had been caught in the crossfire and killed. Miyaki always encouraged a policy of peace toward their new horde neighbors, so this seeming disrespect for her intents infuriated Chihaya, and she threw herself into the first major battles in Warsong Gulch as soon as she was able.

Ignoring her friends' counsel to calm her aggression, Chihaya threw herself into battle after battle, serving time on every concieveable front, all the while searching for some reason to believe her hero was still alive. While roaming the Plaguelands she met Tirion Fordring, and spent some time at his home. His attitude towards the orcs and the horde in general made Chihaya stop and think about the course she'd taken for the first time. Shortly after parting ways with him she came across the Argent Dawn, and, having her convictions on the war shaken, joined them to fight a battle she was sure was right.

By the time the Dark Portal was opened to adventurers, Chihaya was once again questioning her purpose. Taking an "extended leave" from her position on the Scourge battle front, she headed south and passed through the portal. Seeing that even here the alliance and horde vied for territory that, to her, seemed broken and meaningless, she mostly left her alliance allies to their devices and set out exploring the strange land.

At present, she spends her time wandering or helping out refugees. She is affiliated with the Scryers, but only for the purpose of gaining contacts within Shattrath. She resides in the Lower City when in town, acting as a fighter for hire. Not at all content with her life, she simply is biding her time until she finds a true calling. Rumors of a renewed Scourge assault and extended factional warfare have wounded her resolve, and she no longer wants anything to do with Azeroth.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • While formally a courageous scout for the Alliance forces, she now wants nothing more for the killing to stop. She is reluctant to kill any but those who are clearly evil now, and quietly, almost halfheartedly seeks a way to stop needless factional violence in Outland.
  • She is mostly aloof to what goes on back in Azeroth now, but her ties to the Dawn and the old man Tirion make her restless whenever ill news from the Scourge reaches her. She has resolved to only return home, however, if there is a new, full scourge assault.
  • She has parted ways with her old friend Kayede and has not seen her for a very long time. While she does not actively search, she does try almost subconsciously to locate her again.


  • Though she seems like a melancholy sort she's actually very laid back and friendly, if not terribly cheerful about it. She has a silly side that has earned her a place of popularity amongst the younger refugees
  • She was once an accomplished tailor and enchanter, but she's left those hobbies to the wayside. Her tailoring is rather sad and she's completely forgotten how to weave an enchantment.
  • She will not kill another person unless absolutely forced to do so. This includes those she sees as being a true threat to innocents and civilians.
  • She gets along well with the high elves in Allerian Stronghold when she visits, as she considers the Farstriders very similar to the Night Elven huntresses.


  • In her home town of Darkshore her legacy is still known by her family and friends as one of great heroism. They, however, suspect she fell in battle as she had not sent word since her voyage into the Plaguelands.
  • Amongst the people of Lower City she is considered one of the better night elves, as most of the residents consider the race to be a haughty, difficult lot.

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