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Chelga Stillbreeze is a mid-level restoration druid on the realm of Moon Guard.


Chelga is an average size for most females of the Shu'Halo, standing at approximately six feet, three inches tall and weighing 275 pounds. She is 68 years old and proudly refers to herself as "middle-aged." Chelga's fur is entirely white with a few patches of light brown on her shoulders and chest. She normally wears her hair in two long, loose braids intertwined with peacebloom. When at leisure, she chooses to wear loose, comfortable dresses in natural colors such as brown or green,the latter color because it matches her kind, bright eyes.


Although a Tauren and quite large, the one word that could be used to describe Chelga in both looks and demeanor is "graceful."

Chelga is usually very relaxed and kind to everyone she meets. Although childless, she is maternal in nature and often will speak to strangers as if she has known them for many years. She is slow to anger and it takes a lot for her to turn her back on another living being. She believes that we are all creatures of nature; the Earth Mother is a part of everyone and that we should all treat one another with respect.


Chelga is from Bloodhoof Village, and is the only child of two druids, Helgurn and Chiswe Stillbreeze, both of whom have passed away. When she is not exploring, she currently makes her home in a mountaintop cottage in the Barrens where she has a view of Ratchet and the surrounding lands.

Chelga inherited her pacifist tendencies from her parents, who were both restoration druids, and her passion for herbalism from her mother, who took her on gathering expeditions when she was younger.

She was married when she first reached adulthood to a warrior chosen by her parents, Tallhawe Greyhoof. The marriage was considered to be extremely advantageous due to Tallhawe's reknown as a brave warrior, his handsomeness and his new position as a guard in Thunder Bluff. However, the marriage was ended by her tribe's council after two years, when Chelga was found by her neighbors beaten by Tallhawe and almost lifeless in the cottage they shared. Chelga was with child at this time, and the pregnancy miscarried. She had been hiding his violence the entirety of their marriage, thinking that she needed to stand by her husband's side no matter what. As the Shu'Halo shun unnecessary violence, Tallhawe was subsuquently kicked out of the tribe.

Although this episode was a major force in Chelga's life and certainly a sad one, she consider's herself a much stronger woman today for it and is not ashamed of her past at all.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Chelga's goal in life is to simply "be." The Earth Mother's blessings are all around us for us to enjoy: from the warmth of the sun to even the chill of the frozen snow. She is content with her current lot in life and wishes everyone the same contentment. If there is anyway she can make it possible for others to feel this way, she will do so. Although she has wished for children in the past, her time for that is now gone, so she applies that maternal instinct to almost every younger being she meets.


  • Speaks with most everyone like she has known them for years, so generally uses terms of endearment with most everyone she talks to such as "dear," "love," or "darling."
  • Always smells of herbs, an equivalent of the real world's lavender and patchouli.
  • Many multi-colored gemstone bracelets adorn both of her wrists and a large tear-drop shaped rose-quartz hangs from a leather thong around her neck. She believes that rose quartz has the power to help her love herself more, which enables her to love those around her. When in times of doubt or distress, she may grasp the tear-shaped pendant in her hand to remind her that there is no need for tears; the Earth Mother weeps enough for us through the rain she provides.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Can someone so serene come by it without herbal help?

Does her milkshake, in fact, bring all the boys to the yard?

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