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Not overly tall, not mixed with some impossible species, not a half-anything, not overly short, has no hidden tails, horns, or anything of that ridiculous nature.

On that note, should you get Calleo to smile at you, you will notice that he does not have fangs, retractable or otherwise. While his ears may be long and pointed, they should not ever be mistaken for horns as he is not a Tauren nor is any part of him a Demon. Speaking of ears, the top third of Calleo's are missing. Where they ought to continue to nice, Elfin points, they are instead abruptly ended. They appear to have been cut off hastily and unevenly. The lesson learned here is: Do not fish in Stormwind.

He does not wander around with a smirk on his face at all times, as that would look, at best, silly and contrived and at worst completely mad.

Calleo's hair is roughly shoulder length, deep auburn, straight, and is generally worn down and loose except when it's tied back. When tied back it has the distinct look of someone who rolled out of bed, grabbed the nearest hair tie available, and just slapped it back in something sort of resembling a ponytail. It behaves like typical hair and does not flow, flutter, cascade, ripple, or make any other abuse of adjectives and metaphors.

He tends to dress in thick layers of clothes that appear to have been designed for the purpose of covering as much as possible. While this sort of thing makes him look as though he's just slightly on the thin side from the neck down, the near gauntness of his face gives that charade away to anyone who bothers to take a good, long look at him. Around his neck is a thin silver chain that disappears under his robes; while you're free to speculate as to what the chain is, the OOC Knowledge Genie tells you that they're just his reading glasses.

Were he Human, he'd appear to be in his late forties to mid-fifties. Since lore is dodgy about proper Sin'Dorei age ranges, we'll leave it at that.

Calleo does not smell of 'roses', 'sandalwood' or 'cinnamon' or any of that fluty nonsense; given that he's typically stuck outdoors doing jobs for someone else, he tends to smell very faintly of felfire, singed cloth, blood, metal, and whatever his surroundings happen to have present.

There is a Gnome Effigy tied to his belt.


Calleo is not the type to go into his background as a general rule. This extends to making his family name public knowledge. The less others know about him, the less they may have for use in blackmailing, harassing, or otherwise impeding him.

He doesn't dwell on his past, and neither should you, you nosy little bugger.

Calleo is currently exalted with the Mag'har, The Darkspear Trolls, Undercity, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon, Orgrimmar, The Frostwolf, Netherwing, The Shattered Sun Offensive, The Scryers, and The Kalu'ak.


Calleo has a very dry and macabre sense of humor. He has been told that he comes across as unfriendly, a "prude", or a killjoy. Generally, those who say such things tend to be drinking and/or dancing on a tabletop somewhere, and he pays them little mind. When he speaks, it's generally in a formal tone. Calleo is not openly unfriendly unless given reason to react in such a manner, though he does tend to be rather curt in dealing with people he does not know. He has a tendency to simply give a short farewell and walk away if he gets the feeling that someone is trying to 'bait' him of goad him into a fight.

While Calleo is capable of speaking and understanding the Oricsh language, he finds it displeasing in nature, remarking that he thinks it sounds like mud mixed with cheap liquor. Throughout his magical studies, he has learned to speak in the Demonic and Eredun for the purposes of better communicating with his summoned demons, and can understand (but is not fluent in), thanks to the help of Mage and Shamanistic friends, Draconic* and Elemental.

He very rarely drinks and even less frequently smokes. He will accept offers, but will simply sit there holding the cup or tuck the smokable object into a pocket. Calleo prefers to maintain a state of mental clarity for his own safety. However, he does tend to carry around a small amount of Blood Thistle or Felweed for purposes of making some quick profit off of some addict who happens to be out.

He does not care for blatant public displays of lewd and lascivious acts or less than adequate clothing from or on women or men. Calleo insists that if he wishes to see a half naked harlot waggling her goods in his face, he is perfectly capable of summoning her.

While he may complain about it, he doesn't have any actual problem with having mismatched clothing, getting dirty, bloody, dusty, or covered in remaining bits of things he's killed. Any complaints of that nature are made in good humor.

When it comes to his demons, they are useful, albeit dangerous, tools and nothing more. He is not so deluded as to think that they enjoy being bound to him, enjoy forced servitude, or that they are, in any way, his friends or allies. Given that, he does not treat them as such.

Where the war and the Alliance are concerned, he'd find it difficult to care any less though if he was certain that he could win he'd not be adverse to a fight.

  • D&D throwback right there.

Goals and motivationsEdit

While he puts up a very good front of wishing to be helpful and useful to others, it is exactly that: A front. Calleo is completely self serving, relying on others only to further his own studies, line his own pockets, or increase his own power. He is very careful to keep this quiet, as things could get messy if people found out that they were being used for his own advancement or entertainment.

In other words, this is not something that's public knowledge.


Despite the fact that he will deride the general class of people found in inns, he spends a good amount of time there for purposes of gathering information for future use, or when he feels he's becoming too 'kind' toward other people. An evening around the typical crowd in Wayfarer's Rest usually fixes the idea that other people are a good idea.

If there's a demon with him in a city, you can bet that I've just forgotten to dismiss it. Calleo has little tolerance for Warlocks who are wide open about what they are in a crowded city; that sort of thing is best kept not broadcast and you never know who might be listening.

Unlike many other Blood Elves, he has no inherent problems with the other Horde races. Anyone willing to take an axe to the face so he doesn't have to is all right. He's indifferent toward the Tauren. He has difficulty understanding the Trolls' accent when they speak Orcish, but is otherwise indifferent. He finds Orc Warlocks curious, but otherwise is, again, indifferent. He is fascinated by the Forsaken for the sole fact that they've managed to cheat Death and remain sentient.

Calleo does not care for heights and tries to avoid Thunder Bluff and Thousand Needles for that reason.

Don't Let's Be Silly: A section for those of you who like slightly less light hearted-ness in your descriptions.Edit

Silliness aside, if you'd like a more 'serious' description, here we go:

Calleo stands at roughly 6'0" and weighs in, on an average day, around 120lb. This would make him quite a bit under the "below average" mark in weight; this is also kept fairly well hidden by many layers of thick clothing While his robes, gloves, and other bits of armor tend to give him the appearance of being slightly more healthy, one only would need to take a look at his face to see that he probably spends a bit too much time cavorting with all things Fel. If you happen to have one of those types that can 'feel' people, he's always got Fel Armor up and plugging along, and that likely does give out some sort of distasteful 'aura' to those who don't do that sort of thing.

His eyes glow a vibrant, brilliant green, though he will deny vehemently that he has any sort of mana addiction if asked.

Given his overall lack of weight, his face appears to be very sharp, somewhat gaunt, and reasonably angular for no other reason than it's easy to see the bone structure. Calleo is not, however, ghostly white as he does spend a fair amount of time outdoors. He's certainly not tan, but he's not transluscent and recently dead looking either. If he were to remove his gloves, you would see that his hands are thin, fine boned, and have long, talon-like fingers tipped with short, but sharp nails. Parting from 'serious', it looks a bit like the Imp might be the one to give him manicures. That, for the Lore Nazis, was a bit of sarcasm. L2SenseOfHumor. ;) When he smiles, it's rare to see any hint of actual friendliness there; many times, he's smiling at the expense of someone else and it looks nothing short of malicious and vindictive.

Calleo is not terribly agile, and this shows when he moves. He's not clumsy to the point of running into walls or rivaling The Three Stooges, but he does frequently catch his own robes and stumble a bit, and any games or activities that require physical agility usually leave him on the far end of hopeless. The last time someone talked him in to playing catch, it ended very badly.

His usual reaction to being surprised by, say, someone sneaking up behind him and tapping him on the shoulder, is to curse. Literally. Afterward, he will rarely apologize and attempt to twist the situation around to make the victim look at fault.

Calleo's interaction with his demons is calculated and fully controlled; it's meant to make him look like a bumbling, hopeless, clueless excuse for a Warlock. He is in full control of how the demons act and speak, but he will feign that he is not. When he seems to be hopeless, people are less likely to view him as a danger or a threat, which makes life so much easier for him. You, on an IC basis, would have no way of actually knowing this.

He finds Warlocks who insist that their demons are their "friends" to be a bit off in the head or poorly trained and he simply views those who claim to BE demons or "partial demons" to be insane.

Calleo does not, as a general rule, care for Sin'dorei women or even pretty women, as they remind him of Succubi. The main lesson he took away from binding and subduing his own Succubus was that beautiful women wield an extremely potent weapon that he'd rather not be on the receiving end of. He is openly hostile toward his, refusing to let him stand near her, speak to him, look at him directly, or attempt to touch him. This behavior tends to manifest to a lesser degree toward Sin'dorei women; lesser only because he's quite aware that it's very socially unacceptable to treat them as slaves if they are, in fact, not yours. This reaction extends, fortunately or not depending on your view, to other "very beautiful" women. If his Succubus is out, it means that I'm going into an instance where crowd control is required and am most likely OOC.

Calleo does not smoke and very rarely drinks, at least in public. When he DOES drink, he tends to become overly friendly, giddy, giggly, and overly touchy-feely toward anyone within range. He also tends not to remember one bit of it the next day. He knows this, and avoids drinking in nearly all situations because of it.

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