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Stats Edit

Name: Bremi Felhoof

Title: The Plague Hearted

Age: 24

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Scarlet

Skin color: Brown

Height: 7'8 ft

Weight: 420 lbs

Spouse: None

Children: Kelltar

Siblings: None

Parents: Deceased


Appearance Edit

Bremi is a young Tauren, but is well experienced in the Druidic arts, and proof of this can be addressed by the runic markings on her face. Her head is drapped in an Eagle-Headed headdress, a reward given to her for participating in the Gladiator games. The rest of her armor is also battle-won. Her armor is scratched and marked, scarred all over, decorated with the gashes and cuts of many weapons. Her eyes are dark and hatefull, an odd trait for someone so young. They faintly glow from under her hat. She is a good sized Tauren, and her mane is wild and unkept, and her tail lies at her side, slashing at the occasional fly. On each of her shoulders lies a skull, each taken from an unlucky Alliance. Bremi is never without her weed, which is rolled generously and lit, hanging out the side of her mouth.

Personality Edit

Cold harted and hatefull, Bremi despises everyone and everything. Her hate extends to all things, especially the weak. She has no compassion or pity for the weak and downtrotten. Beggers have learned to keep their distance, lest they be met with a fierce kick. She has been fighting since she was little, and never turns down a challenge, and often challenges others herself. Losing is not an option, and she is very competetive. Bremi cares not for life, and is not bound by the laws of morality. She has killed both friend and foe for the most frivilous of reasons, from a stab at her life, to a stab at her pride.

Background Edit

Born of the Felhoof tribe, Bremi was trained quickly and at a young age, and after mastering her Druidic powers, was sent to fight. After proving her worth, and speedily moving up the ranks of her clan, she realized her power extended far beyond their bounds. With a new fire, and a lust for more power, she left the Felhoof Tribe, and traveled to Nagrand to participate in the arenas there. Traveling back and forth, living off the land, and always fighting, she soon lost herself in blood. The studius Bremi was gone, only the battle hungry side remained. for four years she lived this way, till one day, on a trip to the Undercity for a fight, she happened to pass an Orcish farm. She was eager to battle and slew everyone on the farm. But she found a young Orc named Kelltar whom she could not bring herself to kill. The Orc was very interested in Bremi's life style, and he accompanied her on her travels. Instead of steering him off, she opened up to him, he reminded her of herself. He too was a fighter, but young and without the training. Recognizing this, Bremi allowed him to accompany her and she became his mentor. Kelltar is like a child to her.

Goals and Motivations Edit

Bremi cares only of herself and Kelltar. She is allied with the Forsaken Empire, and her only wish is to see it rise to complete and undisputed power.

Idiosyncrasies Edit

Always scowling. Commonly seen sparing Gnomes in battlegrounds, only to punt them back to Gnomeregan

Public knowledge and rumors Edit

Bremi is liked by a select few, as its hard to get close to her. She is known for her hatred towards the Alliance, and her readiness to fight. She keeps a small place Silvermoon City, where she is rumored to grow many of her illegal substances.

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