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Benesae Morningstar de Shea is a level 70 priestess on the realm of Moon Guard.


Benesae is tall among sin'dorei and so pale of skin and eyes and hair as to be almost white. Her posture is carelessly correct, and in voice and mannerism she is generally mild and disinterested. On the third finger of her left hand she wears an ornate ring carved of a single brilliant crystal.

For every occasion, from dirt shoveling to performing public ceremonies, there is appropriate attire, and Benesae has it, carefully matched and meticulously maintained. When not actively engaged in adventuring or battles, she relishes cycling constantly through elegant or interesting robes, and the size of her closet is a joke among some of her friends.


Courtesy and good breeding mark most casual interactions between Benesae and other people regardless of race or status as friend or foe. She is polite and even-tempered in the extreme, although sometimes betraying a cutting sense of humor.

Benesae has very few powerful beliefs or loyalties and mostly prefers to live a comfortable life and not become too obtrusive. She is a self-described spoiled noblewoman, practically useless and accustomed to being decorative and valuable property in trades for power. Only recently has she been motivated to truly learn to use the powers of the priesthood, for fear of the Scourge and the Burning Legion, and of finally having something irreplaceable to lose.

She maintains some sense of obligation to her people as a whole, and dangerously passionate loyalties to the very few people close to her. Boredom and pique sometimes motivate her to try things that she would never otherwise consider. Her relationship with her husband, Vekkul, is often tempestuous but very important to her. While not blind to his imperfections, her attachment to him is deep, rooted in her distant past and a foundational part of her happiness and even of her apparently imperturbable confidence and self-possession.

Since returning to the sin’dorei, Benesae has taken up several unconventional hobbies for entertainment and relaxation, chiefly collecting interesting minerals and crafting magical weapons and puzzle boxes.


The first record of Sae’s presence in Quel’thalas dates from the period of rebuilding after the home of the blood elves was razed by Arthas. She was openly unfamiliar with the territory and searching for something, and resided for some time in Silvermoon. Later she moved into the family estate of Lady Annia Silverspring in Eversong Woods, as a part of the multiracial Horde-supporting organization Shadows of the Labyrinth, from which later sprang the Tauren Doom Squad. Almost a year after arriving in Quel’thalas, Benesae married Lord Vekkul de Sheain a ceremony conducted by Valmorgul, the lord of House Vermillion.

Presently Benesae travels primarily beyond the Dark Portal, and is a member of the Shrouded Maiden Social Club

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