Alliance 32 Awbee

  • Gender: Female


Awbee was born in the town of Darkshire. Her father was part of the Night Watch. Her mother stayed home to take care of her. Whenever her father had time, he would teach her the basic of fighting. He told her she would need to defend herself if undead or worgen attacked her. Darkshire was a dangerous place.

One day, her father was killed by an undead abomination named Stitches while in the line of duty. Awbee's mother refused to let him be buried in Darkshire. She took the body to be buried in Goldshire instead. Awbee and her mother later decided to make Goldshire their new home.

Later, Awbee honed her fighting skills by taking jobs to clear the local defias and murlocs from the area. The jobs didn't pay very well but it was enough to support both herself and her mother.

When she gained enough money from the jobs, she and her mother moved into a house in Stormwind. Awbee soon learned the church was looking for help to get rid of a lich in Razorfen Downs. Before she took the job, she learned some paladin skills first.

When she arrived at Razorfen Downs, she met a gnome named Elesrah and teamed up with him to slay the lich. They were successful and would later become the best of friends. They journeyed together in many adventures and became stronger.

Years later though, Elesrah was eaten by a huge creature known as Durn the Hungerer. Awbee felt deeply saddened that she couldn't save him and became depressed.

Today, Awbee is the bodyguard of Genevie. Awbee was hired by Genevie's grandparents to protect her from harm. Awbee was to be the shield to Genevie. At first, Awbee thought Genevie was a spoiled brat but later grew to care for her. She became her friend instead of just a mere bodyguard. As a token of friendship, Awbee gave Genevie a bracelet. The very same bracelet Elesrah gave to her a long time ago.


Awbee is a courageous person willing to move herself into harm's way to protect others. She is always trying her hardest to keep Genevie safe. She doesn't want to lose her new friend. The memory of being unable to save Elesrah still haunted her.

Awbee is usually very tense and finds herself unable to relax.

She likes to joke around with Genevie and even named her pets after Genevie's pets. She even named her crocolisk Betterthanedward as a joke because Genevie's wintersaber is named Edward.

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