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Aurthon Silverbane (pronounced: Ar-fuhn) is a young soldier enlisted into Theramore's newly designated Windhammer Company. He is currently assigned to the experimental Burning Anchors unit under the command of Durtan Phable, a small team of four who assist in the frequent domestic issues which trouble the Alliance. Aurthon's younger sister is Camaria Silverbane.


Trained from childhood to fight, Aurthon was born and raised into the militaristic society of Stromgarde and survived the Third War with the majority of his family. Eager to become a palidan like his father, Teran, Aurthon was surrounded by books as often as blades. He was raised to be strong and good natured, compassionate and honorable. These ethos which were installed in him from a young age have carried on and aided his judgment to this day.

He was thirteen years old when the Scourge initially struck Lordaeron, and while he was too young to go to war with the Burning Legion and it's minions, Aurthon remained on the home front aiding in the defense of Stromgarde's boarders from the relentless assault of the undead. He served as both a courier and a labor boy working on siege weapons and explosives. After the Third War, Aurthon cast down the Light and his path to Knighthood when his father was cut down by Aurthon's best friend who subsequently joined the Scourge. Their home surrounded by Forsaken and plagued from within by the growing criminal syndicates, promise of a new hope in Kalimdor led the Silverbane's to Theramore.

At the age of eighteen Aurthon enlisted into Theramore's Foothold Citadel. There he trained amongst several of Lordaeron's finest survivors and graduated from bootcamp at the top of his unit. Designated to Port Defense, Aurthon got his start inspecting and processing the several ships that frequently came in and out of Theramore. He received his big break two years later, when he was transfered to the newly established Windhammer Company.

As a soldier of the inter-continent unit, Aurthon was quickly conscripted by Stormwind to aid them with the continues problem of outlaws within their boarders. Aurthon's handled the threat better than Stormwind and Theramore expected, and warranted him a position in the Burning Anchors. In his report to Theramore concerning the theives, Aurthon states:

"It's a tragic cycle of Stormwind's nature that these outlaws are created and pillage the lawful citizens of Stormwind's provinces for the bread and coin that they were first denied. Insurrection is something that is inescapably attached to that kingdom's hip. A boyish ruler? A scrupling advisory? An poorly managed debt? Lack of regional support so that the bureaucrats can live comfortably behind their massive walls, the only hope for these serfs to become servants to the will of nobles? And this kingdom wonders why this battle is bled between it's own sons!"

Currently assigned to assisting the Night Elf's domestic issues, Aurthon and the Burning Anchors have been assigned to Kalimdor.

Curse of SilverbloodEdit

On the HordeEdit

Aurthon trusts the judgment of Jaina better than his own concerning politics, but he is not without deep contempt nor the seeds of old hatreds. Though he was born after the first two Great Wars, he had learned many tales of the Orcish savagery from his father who fought them at Blackrock Spire and the Burning Steppes and from the battle hardened men and women who were the bulk of Stormgarde's society. Due to this Aurthon has a mixed view on the Horde.

Tauren and the OrcsEdit

Respectful toward the Tauren, he tends to allow them to pass freely without question, though he would never betray his honor by commenting on their hygienic tendencies or lack thereof. His stance toward the Orcish legions of Ogrimaar are slightly different, hazed by skewed perceptions presented to him by the conflicting actions of their various clans. While some within Ogrimaar wish for the sensible peace between Theramore and the Horde, others are still driven by war lust and hope to fight a winless battle. As a result of his training and instinct as a soldier, Aurthon must expect the worst out of the Orcs and always be on his guard, upholding the terms of the pact between the two factions by force if need be.

The ForsakenEdit

He despises the Forsaken and believes their intentions damaging. He believes Sylvannas Windrunner to be lost to the curse of undeath and her people inheritantly evil by nature of their design. While many wish to reclaim the city of Lordaeron, Aurthon merely wishes to see it purged. It's walls torn to the ground and it's people sent to the Nether that he feels, had they still the morality of the living, it's inhabitants would wish for.

Trolls and the Blood ElvesEdit

He views both the Darkspear Trolls and the Blood Elves with an equal pity. Both peoples at the brink of extinction, he is remorseful especially toward the Blood Elves who have lost their way and were all but betrayed by the ignorance of unworthy commanders. Knowing that the Blood Elves aligned themselves with the Horde not out of choice, but desperation, he is uncertain how to respond to their current affiliations. He merely wishes that Kael'thas will soon return to his people with the promises of salvation he so zealous preached of before his disappearance into Outland.

Character QuirksEdit


Aurthon noticeably hints that he may be a passive bi-sexual or perhaps even solely interested in his own sex. He is extremely protective of female companions, and though he is often flirtatious with them he has yet to make stride to court them. He often cites his commitment to duty as his reason for avoiding intimacy on any level, though it has yet to be fully discovered if this is merely a psychological front. The player of Aurthon does not ERP though will RP private scenes that do not involve sex.


Aurthon has picked up a knack for treasure hunting and exploration. His loyalty to adventure and gold surpasses his commitment to most in the Alliance. Due to this, Aurthon has invested into profitable guilds has become a bit of a trader, selling his stock on his travels to the highest bidder as he goes. Aurthon will be just as quick to try and talk a citizen of Stormwind into buying a shiny new axe as he was to kill it's previous owner.

Contacting the PlayerEdit

I will respond IC to mail and RP fulltime in /say. Aurthon's files should be pretty easy to get to for most of your RP characters. He's a rank and file grunt who happens to run a few businesses on the side under a couple of aliases. The latter wouldn't be found in any military records. Arranging IC meetings through OOC tells is also encouraged. I will not respond IC to a /tell if my character has not given you a magic stone, which he gives out rarely because I would assume magic stones which allow for continental communication would be quite scarce for a grunt to come upon.

/tell while you're standing next to me will be assumed as a legitimate IC whisper.

Play times vary depending on school and work hours on any given day.

I am very lenient concerning OOC speak in the channels outside of say. Flood general, party, and guild chat with all the wonderful stories of your local pizza delivery boy. I'm game. Just keep it out of /say and no one will look at you funny.

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