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Standing at only 6'1, Aurria's petite frame is easily dwarfed by most members of her kin. Ebony hair, with just a hint of violet, frames a rather pretty face. Her facial expressions and mannerisms are somewhat refined, not unlike those expressed by the upper echelons of draenic society. Though her mood is most always calm, those who spend any amount of time in her presence will notice a certain arrogance about her, though it is rather subtle unless one knows to look for it. This is not to say she is not friendly; quite the opposite, in fact.

The upper tips of her ears are pierced, and often adorned with various earrings of white gold. She has no other distinguishing features, save for the insignia of the Aldor, which is etched just around her navel.


An orphan during her youngest years, Aurria's parents left the realm of the living at an early age, far before she would have been able to remember them. Her earliest memory was being led from the orphanage in her village by Ishanah to the Temple of Karabor, where she was raised among the Aldor there as a student of the Light. After the Aldor's flight from the temple during Illidan's invasion, she eventually settled within Aldor Rise in Shattrath, which remains her home to this day.

Though Aurria was not aboard during the crash of the Exodar, she did shortly after begin serving as an emissary to Velen, a duty that she continues still.

Aurria joined her current Famil, the Sha'Kaari, shortly after arriving at the Exodar for her duties there. Though not a founding member, she has nonetheless been one of the guild's most visible members since nearly its creation.

Goals and MotivesEdit

So far as such motives are known, all of Aurria's end goals intertwine with the Aldor and her people. Any deeper motivations and goals she may harbor are held close to her heart.


  • The majority of Aurria's socialization occurs within the Sha'Kaari itself, as all who fall under its banner are considered family.
  • Alijysiia is known to be one of the closest of those, though the Prioress and Aurria have recently been at odds over some matter, the details of which is known only to Sha'Kaari famil and their confidants.


  • Aurria is somewhat obsessive about her appearance, with a neat appearance and carefully trimmed and polished hooves.
  • Though excessively polite in most circumstances, she is also known to have a rather nasty temper and sharp tongue at times.
  • She is as likely to answer a question with another question than give a straight answer, and an inordinate number of her sentences seem to end in a question, even when there's no reason for such.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

  • Aurria's full position with the Aldor is unknown, save for her apprenticeship under Ishanah. Speculation ranges from personal maid service to professional assassin, and everything in between. Aurria herself never confirms or denies any such rumors.

Current Status: INACTIVE

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