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Athanilia is a level 70 Night Elf Priest on the realm of Moon Guard.


Athanilia Il'amare is a stern-faced Kal'dorei with cold, calculating eyes. When not in direct contact with the woman, her gaze usually is somewhere else; misleadingly lost in reverie. While her eyes share the glow of her sistren and brethren, they are laced with faint hints of fel magicks. She walks with a commanding step; her posture rigid with her head held high.

Around her neck she wears a chain with a truesilver vial that seems to glow from whatever is kept inside. Attached to that same chain is a simple ring.

She is usually seen carrying a heavy, leather-bound tome that is falling apart.


A face is never forgotten. Athanilia has fought in many wars and served as a healer; her deeds written and forgotten in the books.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Athanilia has quite the obsession when it comes to unlocking the mysteries of the Qiraji.


Well, that is for you to find out, hm?

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Several times has Athanilia traveled to the Ruins of Lordaeron with the Paladin Sigmund N. Rothas to be his protector as he prayed.
  • Often traveling with two brothers that oddly resemble one another.
  • Athanilia proudly wears the tabard of the Argent Dawn.
  • Killed Golavar the Hellcaller.

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