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The Argent Vanguard Coalition is a multi-guild raiding team on the Moon Guard US Server. Due to the server's release date shortly before The Burning Crusade, pre-TBC raid content was largely ignored save during the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj event. The Coalition exists to give Horde members of Moon Guard the opportunity to participate in server history by assaulting the most difficult pre-TBC content in the game: Naxxramas.

Origin and revival Edit

In October 2007, the Horde guild Couriers of Compassion led the server's first assault on Naxxramas in honor of Hallow's End. The raid began with the Death Knight Wing and despite an ambitious start, they made little headway, and interest quickly dwindled until the Couriers had to temporarily abandon their efforts.

In spite of previous difficulties, the Couriers and Corpus Veritas announced an open-invitation raid of Naxxramas on February 27, 2008 in honour of the Couriers' one-year anniversary as a guild. A full forty-person raid with members from fourteen guilds (as well as several unguilded characters) assaulted the Dread Necropolis, and thus the Argent Vanguard Coalition was formed. The Coalition succeeded in a full clear of the Spider Wing the first night and went on to clear more than half of the Abomination Wing over the next two days. On the third night, the raid collectively agreed to rest on their laurels for the time being and return later. The Couriers agreed to host monthly assaults, called "strikes," for an indefinite amount of time – at least until Naxxramas moves to Northrend in Wrath of the Lich King.[1]

The Coalition in-game Edit

In terms of role play, the Argent Vanguard Coalition is a loose organization at best. Its de facto leader is Erindentel[1], second in command of the Couriers of Compassion, who reports the Coalition's actions and progress directly to Lady Sylvanas and Lord Maxwell Tyrosus. Any member of the Horde who is in good standing with the Argent Dawn and powerful enough to stand against the horrors of the Dread Necropolis are eligible to join the Coalition during any given strike.

As a widespread and nebulous entity, the Coalition is in essence merely a facet of the Moon Guard community. The Coalition places primary out-of-character emphasis on having fun, exploring content, and making interguild connections. Any loot that drops along the way is just a pleasant bonus (though pre-70 characters may still find upgrades!).

Looting system Edit

The Argent vanguard Coalition uses the master looter system to distribute drops. The threshold is set to rare, meaning that any drops of uncommon quality or lower belong to the person whose turn it is to loot that specific mob. Rare-quality and better items are handled by free roll: those for whom the item would be an upgrade have first priority; if none would benefit from it, raid members are free to roll on it for roleplay gear; if no one wants it for that, it will be given to an enchanter to be disenchanted. [Nexus Crystal]s obtained in this manner are saved for attunement materials. Anyone interested in constructing their class' tier 3 set may roll when applicable tokens drop from bosses.

The exceptions are [Wartorn Chain Scrap], [Wartorn Cloth Scrap], [Wartorn Leather Scrap], and [Wartorn Plate Scrap]. The raid leader collects these and stores them to be distributed to raid members who win tier tokens at the end of each raid.

Due to the large number of pieces required to assemble [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian], and the difficulty of obtaining them, rolls on each [Splinter of Atiesh] is open to those who are already in the process of collecting them.

Progress Edit

As of the third strike ending 1 June, 2008, the Argent Vanguard Coalition has cleared the following content.

Abomination Wing Deathknight Wing Plague Wing Spider Wing Frostwyrm Lair
Patchwerk -- -- Anub'Rekhan --
Grobbulus -- -- Grand Widow Faerlina --
Gluth -- -- Maexxna

Members of the Coalition Edit

As of the third strike, the Argent Vanguard Coalition consists of members of the following guilds, as well as several unguilded individuals.

References Edit

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