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Areena Wolfsong was born in Hyjal around just a few years before the sundering of the world. Her father was a High Elf who escaped with other High Elves when Azshara began to practice her twisted magic in an attempt to summon demons to Azeroth. Her mother was a Night Elf Druid who had lived on Hyjal with her clan for hundreds of years. Areena's last name, 'Wolfsong', is a tribute to the original name of the Druidic Clan that her mother belonged to. The Wolfsong clan worshiped wolves as minions of Elune and some of the druids could even transform into Worgen by Elune's divine power.


She is a bit taller then the average female Blood Elf and she has several small scars covering her body. The most prominent as of recent is a large scar going from the top of her shoulder down her upper arm for a few inches. Her eyes are a shimmering aqua green and her hair is strawberry red. She usually keeps it in a pony tail, and has a braid wrapping around the top of her hair like a crown. Her skin is a soft peach, and she has the same Night Elf facial markings as her sister, but in red.


She is usually quiet, but is much more free around the people she tends to call her 'friends'. When she becomes agitated however she is a fierce fighter. After the recent death of her sister she has been withdrawn. She recently met a wonderful undead gentleman who has taken her in, and has become more settled. She is not nearly as combative as she used to be, and has put her sister's death in the past. Her personality has changed a considerable amount after coming out of a depression she had been in. She is kinder now, though occasionally still making the smartassed remark, when she feels it nessesary.

Goals & MotivationsEdit

Areena's goal for a long time had been to find her twin sister, Adrisa, after they were seperated in the sundering. However in the long run, her goal was to control her anger which in the past had caused her to commit several unknowing and uncalled-for murders. She has anger management issues and sometimes will transform uncontrollably into a Worgen. After her sister was accidentally killed by a member of the Horde Areena respected, she has resolved to find a way to make up for not being able to save her.


She is aggressive towards cats...


She is the twin sister of Adrisa Wolfsong, a Night Elf. Her mother was a Night Elf, Elaine Wolfsong, and her father was a High Elf, Dremoras Wolfblood. Both Areena and Adrisa were born about 10,000 years ago, just before the first war at Hyjal Summit. Areena was kidnapped by her father when the sundering occured, and was used as a weapon against the scourge in the forests around Silvermoon City. After she escaped him, she continued a search for her sister, but turned up just as she was killed in battle. Distraught, she fell into a bit of a depression, when she met Sunu. The kind undead rogue befriended her, and eventually they became quite close. As she emerged from the dark place she had been thrown into after Adrisa's death, she realized why her sister had died- So she could have a better life as the 'Leader of the Wolfsong Pack'. Coming around, she realized she had fallen deeply in love with Sunu, and as of recently, he has proposed to her, and they are working on arranging a date for the ceremony.

Public Knowledge & RumorsEdit

After the death of Adrisa, Areena became 'Leader of the Pack', a status dictated by Elune to individuals of the Wolfsong clan. As the Leader, Areena has most of the control she had been looking for for so long over her dormant beast.

Areena was recently married to Sunu Thysis, and taking his last name, gave birth to the first half elf child in either the Thysis or Wolfsong family line- a daughter named Sethia Thysis. At the moment the curse that plauged the Wolfsong family does not appear to have been passed to Sethia, but they will find out in a matter of years when she turns 10. She does not have any of the facial markings like Areena does, and her eyes appear to be human with only a residual green glow.

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