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Archeron is a Priest played by Seclya Edit

The Continuing Saga of Archeron, or How to Have Fun Being Bad


Archeron is 6'. He's a bit more muscular than you'd expect from a Priest who wanted to be a Healer for the Mission. He'll tell you it's from all his years growing up on the farm, til you find out he was born and raised in Silver Moon City. His eyes are the typical green, although his seem to have an eternal hint of mischief behind them. His hair, in his own words, is "A preeminent shade of an undetermined fathom of black..."

He has started down a more dark path, adapting the Dark Arts of Shadoweave Tailoring to aid in his pursuit. HIs robes, his mantle, even his boots and gloves seem to harbor some sort of twisting Shadow energy within the very threads and fabric. He has taken to wearing a mask...perhaps due to allegations of War Crimes against the Alliance?

Arch has also started to appear in public with very elaborate make up...dark eyes, smeared lipstick, usually bright red, and rouge. No explanation yet as why, but he has remarked that it's very festive and shows how dedicated he is to looking for the next party.


Born to the Engineer Valyien, who helped with the Translocators, and Valyien's wife, vineyard heir Aleini, Archeron had a nice, uncomplicated childhood. He would spend his summers on his family's Vineyard estate and the rest of the year would be in Silver Moon City going to schools and looking out windows from his family's spacious dwelling atop a tall spire. Dayspring Vineyards is a small, boutique winery known for their unique and surprisingly odd yet effervescent wines, such as Aurora and Forenoon. Early on, he showed promise in the Healing arts and thought he would go into the Mission. His first few years at University changed that. Being a handsome, affluent young Elf, he had no want for companionship. In fact, he soon became addicted to it, quickly becoming a womanizer, party starter and drunkard. He was known as the Wine Prince on campus and was nearly expelled due to an accident involving a Translocator experiment, a case of Aurora wine, a crazed dragonhawk, 2 scantily clad Elf females(a Ranger and a mage)and some slimy ichor. Arch's roommate immediately asked for a new room and Arch decided to study the arts of Shadow. He has pursued that aspect with as much zeal as he musters for a glass of wine with lunch. Yet, he longs for the Light and has been known to heal.

He grew up into a loud, womanizing, funny, braggart. He makes some outlandish boasts...yet he always backs them up. He has not let one group of Adventurers die when he was appointed Healer, even though he is devoted to the Shadow Arts. His biggest claim to fame was when making boasts in a tavern in Brill, he bet he could heal 2 warlocks and one mage through the dangerous brambles of Razorfen Downs with no warrior or Blood Knight to defend them. He actually did it and with the gold he received, he bought the Party all drinks and paid their repair bills.

Recently, Archeron has taken a stance of open hostilities with the Alliance. He has openly stated his support for Golavar and will use his position and contacts to help in anyway possible.

Goals and motivationsEdit

Arch has made it known he will be leaving the Shadow Arts to take up the mantle of a Healer for the Mission. Exactly when he will do this has not been made clear, or why the Mission is letting such a person of questionable morals into their prestigious Fold.


Arch likes wine. Alot. He loves women. Alot more. He has a fondness for joke telling and dancing. He likes to ask women if they would care to visit his estate and pluck...grapes on the misty windswept hills overlooking the sea. Most say yes. He has a thing for hunters. He can't explain it but has spoken on it thusly, "I like the Hunters. They spend all that time, Gods only know where, with no proper bath and the only companions are a mothy, smelly pet and some enchanted metal blades. So when they make it to the big city, I hunt them...and you know what? They LOVE it."

He has begun to dress oddly...and he mentions about partying in the Twisting Nether constantly. Most conversations have him bringing the subject of the Twisting Nether and his preoccupation of it.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Currently Unguilded. Is now actively looking
  • He's more of a Figurehead for Dayspring Vineyards than the actual Producer
  • He has been linked to a few women of the Nobility
  • Most people know of Arch's ways, yet he is so charismatic, it is nearly overlooked.
  • Some whisper that he may rival the long gone Caspian as the most powerful healer.
  • Others say he will continue on down the Shadowy path, perhaps becoming a threat himself.
  • Still others say he is the best looking of all priests and everyone should smile and dance when they see him.
  • Most people who hear this tend to believe that Archeron himself started the previous rumor.
  • Openly supports Golavar.
  • Does not offer up much love to ANY Alliance

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