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Name: Araalynn Darkblade
Nicknames: Violet Eye, Violet, Little Lyn, Lyn, Ara, Violet
Title: Death Mistress
Age: "Who cares. I don't."
Hair color: Forest Green
Eye color: Two toned. See appearance below.
Skin color: Pale violet blue
Height: 6 foot
Weight: "How rude."
Spouse: None
Children: Deceased
Siblings: Only child
Parents: Deceased
Pets: A robot, a baby hawkstrider named Egbert and a tree frog


Ara is short for a night elf, no more than the average height of a male human which would be 6 foot tall. Her body is built in a perfect hour glass figure times several inches to her hips and bust. She is slender yet really toned, obviously from training and working out every day of her life. Her skin is a radiant pale blue, almost glowing violet in the right amount of light. Although covered in battle scars, her skin is smooth to the touch and always smelling of the nature. Ara's forest green hair is kept long, down to her waist and always tangle free.

The most unique part of her is her face, she has two toned jewel colored eyes. Her left is a deep ruby red hue seeming to always glare passed people blindly. It's her blind eye, her only handicap and it doesn't seem to bother her. What is even more interesting about the left side of her face is probably the huge tattoo of a dragon curling around her eye as if throwing a fireball (the fireball being her red eye). The tattoo is very noticeable as the head starts across her forehead to her hair line and curls around the left side of her face to her jaw where the spiked tail ends. Her left eye, though a lot more plain, isn't forgetful. The beautiful amethyst tone gleams softly while studying others, though piercing through them as if trying to read their soul.

Ara is always seen in detailed black leather tightly forming around her "to die for" figure. The details consists of; several buckles strapped down the sides of both her chest armor and leggings, black daggers turned upwards and strapped tightly down upon her shoulder pads to make spikes dangerously close to her long ears and thigh high boots where two huge square-ring buckles keep them locked in place. Also, Ara is almost never seen without her massive swords hanging off the thick belt around her slender waist. These heavy swords weighing her down are detailed with a dragon symbol which is seen in a few other places on her.

Her belt alone has several other dangerous trinkets upon it, giving a hint to what line of work she does. Camouflaged as just details to the belt, a spiked chain wraps around her waist with an easy open clasp at the end used for strangulation. Behind the chain are a few throwing daggers and a few vials of toxic poison. Underneath one of the heavy swords is a good sized pouch where she keeps crumbled up papers (her filing system) and several freshly rolled cigars. On the other side, underneath her other sword is a blindfold tied around her belt with the same dragon symbol found in other areas of interest. Inside the blindfold is what she keeps secret, an emblem of the Forsaken. Around her neck is a chain where several vials of blood hang, each vial has a name etched into it.


There are several perceptions of this complexe character that has been determined by the eye of the beholder. You are basically turning the pages of a thick chapter book, each chapter bringing you deeper into the complex and twisted storyline to the very end.

Stranger: Calm-headed and mysterious. From a distance Araalynn could seem a bit intimidating, her gaze seems to follow everyone who wanders by and her posture seems poised to strike. At the same time, she seems relaxed in this pose and stance as if she's well accustomed to her ways or well seasoned.

Acquaintance: Lunatic and sarcastic. This is where the Assassin tests your bravery. You're brave enough to approach her, now are you brave enough to handle her straight forward personality and sick humor? Some people consider her harsh and uncaring causing them to leave or just stay as acquaintances. Something about her though, even if she acts like a loon, causes people to read her more. When surrounded by such people, Araa's posture rarely changes. The only change would be just a bit more relaxed to show no hostile action to them unless they cause her to become so.

Business: Serious and skillful. When a job is mentioned, Ara's eyes quickly become interested and serious. Her posture becomes straight like a soldier and her ears perk to listen to every single detail. She doesn't have to write anything down, instead she asks as much questions as her client will allow and drill it into her mind. She is a very determined person and can quickly begin to work on a spying job or hunting/assassin job as soon as the details are given to her. It is obvious, from an observers point of view, she seems to know what she's doing.

Friend: Loyal and protective. When you've gotten passed her sarcastic humor, you've become practically her friend. Friends come first, next to love for her. Many are quite shocked with her immediate change in attitude when around friends of hers. She feels at ease and seems extremely relaxed with them, to the point she'll even remove several bits of her armor to get more comfortable. Her movements are passive and casual. If someone harms one of her friends, they'll immediately see the elf there with blades poised to strike. She tries her hardest to give as much good advice as she can to her friends, even if it's sometimes a bit too harsh and straight forward. That's just her in a nutshell, caring but sometimes brutally honest.

Enemy: Dangerous and deadly. It's actually rather hard to become an enemy of Araalynn's as it's hard to get underneath her skin. She usually shrugs things off. But when you do, you better know how to defend yourself. She doesn't give you second chances, nor does she give you time to prepare (the cheap ways of the rogue). If she's ready to fight you to the death, and she usually is, than you're screwed. The only advice she'd give anyone is, "Be on your toes, swine". At this stage, her posture is more slouching as if ready to sink into the shadows and hunt you down. Her voice has a hint of a hiss to it, having forgotten to present herself in a calmer approach. Her eyes pierce through you studying your every move and her hands are either resting on the hilt of her swords or drawing them from her sides. (This is also for her Assassin job when she's hunting her victim.)

Lover: Passionate and trustworthy. This next level is probably a lot more shocking that her friendly level. She changes from that calm headed business woman to a sweet innocent girl, ready to melt into your arms. Obviously she isn't going to we wearing all that armor around her lover, feeling a lot more comfortable with him/her. As a matter of fact she feels more 'protected' around her spouse. It's nice to feel protected every now and then with this line of work having you stay on your toes all of the time.

Mother: Nurturing and affectionate. Unfortunately her children were killed but this caused her to become motherly to anything else resembling a child. If a younger person comes along needing ones help, she immediately shifts to her affectionate self. A more reassuring posture is given and her arms are open to hold the child. Some people consider her too over protective in this stage, even more so after losing her own children. Some other observers could also call her a troubled mother or even as far as a lunatic as the loss of her children has caused her to stare longingly at children walking the streets of Stormwind.


Goals and motivationsEdit


Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

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