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Name: Andiro Gilligan Bloomenwaltz
Title: The Capitalist, Lobbyist 816, Gambler, Alcoholic, Sleezebag
Nom d'plume: The Oppari, Cash, The Holly Jolly Capitalist, and Box-skull. Age: "Middle Aged"
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Pale brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 190 pounds
Spouse: None
Children: Sartoris Bloomenwaltz, Valmont Bloomenwaltz, Faust B. Jr.
Siblings: Girard Bloomenwaltz (Brother), Faust'in Bloomenwaltz (Brother)
Parents: Klaus'tin and Cheri Sunbell-Bloomenwaltz; Pappy B. (Grandfather)
Pets: Gaspard (Puppy), El Fango (Elderly Hawkstrider)


Andi is about the same height as a human male, with medium sized ears and a business-style haircut. His teeth are all white, except for two of his molars which have been replaced with golden teeth. He wears a small pair of glasses over his eyes and his face is generally plain. He doesn't shave enough and besides his goatee is a bit of a 2 o'clock shadow. Andiro dresses in a white button up shirt, black silk pants, a pair of rubber non-conductive running boots, and of course his trademark sweater vest.

His sweater vest is made of a high quality netherweave fabric and is generally blueish violet in color. It has little swirls of similar color that shimmer in the light. He takes great prize in his vest and feels naked with out it on (unless he is wearing a suit). The vest has a netherweave bag stitched into the interior, and as such he uses the vest as a magical means of keeping any weaponry hidden. Most predominantly hidden in the vest, is his rather large gun.


Andiro's personality is rather proactive and realistic, but with an often pinch of flair and lunacy thrown into the mix. He tends to act first, and is good at working through a disaster without pulling a gun on people who annoy him. Andiro is also somewhat pessimistically realistic, always assuming the worst in most situations so he isn't disappointed when bad things happen, and so he is also pleasantly surprised when things turn out all right.

He suffers from a psychological dependence on alcohol and magic. Slightly less so on the latter, because he tends to tap into a mana potion before getting ready for work. On occasions, Andiro has suffered some bouts of schizophrenia and dementia. During these bouts he is manic and rather violent, or horrible disturbed and in the fetal position. He goes to therapy for these things.

Andi dislikes therapy, but he goes there because he tends to have the standard "I'm middle-aged, I have a job, and I had a family. What now?" depression. He sees himself as having little purpose in life aside from comic relief, being a pencil pusher, and keeping people amused.

His self-image is crap, though you'd never be able to tell. In the public light, he throws on a smile, snaps his fingers, and fakes; success, joy, and smugness.


Goals and motivationsEdit

He's got a five year plan, baby.

  • Start up an arms dealing business and put several Goblin Worker Unions out of work.
  • Create a weapon of mass destruction known as the "E-Bomb", currently in the schemata stages.
  • Increase and amass a great amount of wealth and flaunt it at the nobles and royalty.
  • Build a steam-powered "automatically-mobile vehicle for private travel". An elf can dream.
  • Get a new sweater vest.
  • Help his son Sartoris run a successful Fletchery Shop without making said son lose his ethics.


  • Clinically Alcoholic; drinks when upset and drinks when happy. Both in extreme excess.
  • Refers to himself as "Cash" and "Andi B." when making a sale.
  • Works for the Trade Coalition Patent and Legalization Offices of the Isle of Kezan, in Undermine. As such he often talks business terms and economics.
  • Has medium hair and long sideburns, always kept well-trimmed.
  • Always wears a sweater vest with a red tie tucked underneath it.
  • Enjoys fighting with tools, like hammers and wrenches.
  • He's got his addiction under control. He does a lot of magic tapping in the morning and is generally good all day.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

  • Works for the Goblins, opposes Unions. Likes money, likes paperwork, likes sweater vests and industrial jargon.
  • Comes from a large line of Elf woodworkers and weaponry engineers.
  • Was nowhere near Quel'thalas when the Scourge hit.
  • Once worked as a Stand Up Comedian.
  • Claims to be an enemy of "Guild Twelve", an apparently evil organization run by a talking Raptor in a top hat, the Orcs that run the Meat Industry, Three Pirates who sold their souls to a treasure chest, a gorilla named Blotto, a bayou demon, a zombie scientist, a disgruntled alchemist, the spirit of alcohol, and a man that appears to be made of moths. Andi also does drugs, but he claims this is truth.
  • Is partial-heir to the Bloomenwaltz Fortune, but due to his father becoming a forsaken (and proceeding to spend some of the money to retire on the beaches of Kezan), has yet to inherit a copper.

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