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Ameria's general appearance leaves much to be desired and is one of disarray. Her skin is often marred by bruises and cuts in various stages of healing, and although her hair is tightly bound into two pigtails, it is often littered with various bits of flora (or worse depending on what she has been into lately). Her lightweight armor often bears tell-tale singe marks along the sleeves and gloves, some of these burns boring clear through the thin cloth.

There are two areas that seem to gleam with respect though, and these are her hooves and horns. Both sets are carefully tended and polished, and she has been known to hang a small bell from the curve of her left horn for special occasions. She stands a mere 6' 4" tall but her build reflects the long hours she used to spend swinging a large mace or heavy longsword when she followed the path of the Paladin. Now she builds her muscles by toting around the large tomes that her instructors are always foisting on her.

She often smells like sulfur and blasting powder, and occasionally one might catch a piece of fused wiring caught in her clothes or hair.

Her face expresses a clear and boundless joy most times, and she seems to derive much of her pleasure from watching others who are also happy. Ever the optimist, she has a ready smile and kind word for any stranger; however, her wit has been known to be quite biting at times as well, particularly with overzealous males.


Ameria is currently suffering from a minor amnesia after the crash of the Exodar. She is interested in learning more about her past, but also believes that her life is going forward, not backward, and lives more for creating her future on Azeroth. She suffers the occasional nightmare regarding what may have been actual occurrences in her past, but she has shared these with no one up to this point.

She suffers heavily from a common condition which would be known as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) here on Earth. She has been self-medicating this condition with fine Dwarven stout in an effort to dull her senses to the nightmares that plague her. Recently, she met a mage and has decided to pursue this path instead of that of a Paladin.

Goals and motivationsEdit

At this time, Ameria's only goals and motivations are those that bring her peace and happiness. She has only just begun to pursue goals of quieting her nightmares and setting herself on a path to personal redemption. She thinks she can attain this by wielding the strongest power she can find to define a purpose in life. The Mage Quarter of Stormwind is publicly seeking an experienced trainer to help guide and focus Ameria on her path.


Ameria has an aversion to anything "too pretty" or "too perfect."

She is a people watcher and sometimes tries to skulk about as if she is a rogue in order to accomplish this.

She finds it a very odd coincidence that the Naaru just happened to show up exactly when her people needed them the most and questions the motivation behind this occurrence.

While Ameria suffers from some slight psychosis, most people would never notice in passing as she tries very hard to hide what she knows is a short-coming in her personality. She lives vicariously through those around her in order to avoid having to think about, or live, her own life.

Public knowledge and rumorsEdit

Ameria is currently rumor-free and much too boring to be talked about in public.

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