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Aloyseus Iithaerion Sunrunner is a Blood Elf Hunter. He tends to work closely with the Tauren, Trolls, and Forsaken rather than his own kind. However, he is relatively well known amongst the Horde due to his interaction with many guilds and his non-stereotypical demeanor.



Aloyseus Sunrunner can be seen here with his usual beads and feathers.

Aloyseus Sunrunner consists of a physical build very much consistent with his profession as a huntsman: he has an above-average build, consisting primarily of lithe, taut muscle. This can be attested to his constant treks through the wild; moreover, it is evident that he partakes a very healthy, very lean diet. His height is average for his race, and can be estimated between 6'2" to 6'8" (he rarely remains still enough to be properly measured). For his build, Aloyseus maintains a very healthy and fit weight, managed by a rigorous day-to-day lifestyle and routine. Very little scar tissue can be seen on his face or neck. His hands, however, are generously calloused due to the use of his bow.

In contrast to his otherwise "stereotypical" image, Aloyseus wears on his figure several items considered "eccentric" by the rest of his race. One such "eccentricity" would be the wooden beads and feathers that are woven through his red hair. Aloyseus rarely explains their meaning or how he came to wear them, though upon inspection, it is obvious that they are of Shu'halo design. They are plentiful and greatly contrast the blood-hued tone of his (usually unkempt) hair.

From the base of his neck to the middle of his left calf, another of his oddities can be seen: Aloyseus has a variety of Troll and Shu'halo skin-etchings and tattoos. Each tattoo interconnects with the next, creating a broad "mural" effect on his back. While there is no visual progression to the art, it is obvious that each has a specific meaning and purpose. The Troll skin-etchings were given to him by the Zandalar tribe on Yojamba Isle: they are Voodoo-esque in nature, and are meant to ward off evil spirits and blights upon his soul. The Shu'halo tattoos, however, are a symbol of fortitude and a connection with the spirit world.


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Known HistoryEdit

While Aloyseus deliberately shrouds himself in mystery, much of his lineage is well known and free for all to read within the Silvermoon archives. This is primarily due to Aloyseus’ ancestors and their contributions to both the creation of the Sunwell, and later the collaborative creation of the Guardians of Tirisfal.

However, the legacy of the Sunrunners has not always been so pleasant. Prior to the Sundering, Avaetius Sunrunner, a Highbourne, followed Queen Azshara blindly in her quest to summon Sargeras to Azeroth.

Rolaerion Sunrunner, Aloyseus’ father, and Shiradell Sunrunner, his mother, were both widely respected mages amongst their kind. Soon after his conception, Aloyseus was urged to follow suit and practice the Arcane. However, like all children, he rebelled and with vehemence, whereas his two brothers, Apostlyun and Avaetius (named after his Highbourne ancestor), and sister, Andriell, did so with little complaint.

Aloyseus took to the woodlands far more than most High Elves, and like his Kaldorei cousins, he embraced nature – however not to the extent of druidism. As a child, Aloyseus secretly grew fond of archery and swordplay, and quickly grew to know no other weapon. However, as per custom, Aloyseus was forced to partake in the use of magic. His childhood, otherwise, was simplistic and rather normal by High Elf standards. Moreover, he and another High Elf by the name Galumirede (later to be known as Ionisul) grew to be close friends during their adolescence.

As Aloyseus matured, so too did the world of Azeroth. While the Humans and their newfound enemies, the Orcs, ravaged the world, Aloyseus, and the greater part of his kind, watched with bated breath. As the First War ended, Aloyseus was rallied to the call and joined the army of the Alliance. However, it was not until much of Quel'Thalas was ransacked by the Horde and the death of his father that Aloyseus joined the battle, enlisting as part of the High Elven Ranger Corps. Victorious, he returned to his people in an effort to rebuild what he could.

Twelve years prior to the Third War, Aloyseus vanished from Quel’thalas, leaving his family and friends behind. Aloyseus traveled abroad for these years, meeting the Shu’halo and Zandalar trolls, respectively. His skill as a Ranger excelled, and Aloyseus soon began working with mercenaries across the southern expanse of both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, as well as the Goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel.

As news spread of Arthas’ betrayal, Aloyseus raced to Quel’thalas – only to find Silvermoon in ruins and his mother and brother Avaetius murdered by the Scourge. As Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider allied his people with the Naga, Aloyseus soon grew to harbor an unbridled hatred for the Humans – no matter their company.

After this, Aloyseus’ legacy is known only to those with whom he keeps company.


  • Instead of Bloodthistle, Aloyseus has an addiction to Felweed: a plant in abundance across Outland. He chews the plant for what he claims to be "medicinal purposes;" however, the plant provides a sustained adrenaline rush (this is caused by the plant's close proximity to the Mote of Life that one can sometimes find within it).
  • While Aloyseus is an avid smoker, he refuses to touch alcohol.
  • He maintains a very obvious accent when he speaks, at times losing the "G" on the end of his words. Moreover, very rarely does he speak in Thalassian. This accent spawns from long stints in the wild with mercenaries from the southern reaches, as well as a common dislike for the pretentiousness of his people.
  • Unknown to the general public, Aloyseus is a self-taught pianist.
  • Aloyseus harbors a hatred for the Human race as a whole, no matter their disposition. He has been known to strike an unarmed or even unprovoked human on the premise of a Horde city, no matter the condition.


Aloyseus has come to be known by many titles during his time in both Azeroth and Outland. Listed here are all record titles and there reason for being:

  • The Lion of Alterac: Before the Winterax tribe mysteriously vanished from the Alterac Valley, Aloyseus, working for the Frostwolf Clan, was sent to ambush one of their scouting parties. Aloyseus, accompanied by a band of Orcs,slaughtered the party. Upon spying Aloyseus in his brown armor, crouched and running through the snow, a Troll exclaimed, "It's a lion! A lion!" before he was felled.
  • Scourge Slayer: As a member of the Argent Vanguard Coalition, Aloyseus was one of the first Blood Elves (on Moon Guard US) to step foot inside the citadel of Naxxramas (prior to WotLK). He claims that nothing outside the citadel can equal what he has seen behind its walls.
  • King of the Ogres: Aloyseus has been deemed a "king" of the Ogres of Blade's Edge Mountains for slaying each of Gruul's children.
  • Squire of Sunsworn: Aloyseus was named a squire during his service to House Sunsworn, a primarily Blood Elf House.
  • Child of the Shu'halo: Abandoning Quel'thalas before the betrayal of Arthas, Aloyseus ventured west to Kalimdor and lived with the Tauren for a very long period of time. Here, Aloyseus grew accustomed to living in harmony with the wild, and eventually grew to be accepted by the Tauren.
  • Soldier of the Shattered Sun: Aloyseus can often be seen with the Shattered Sun Offensive's tabard. Because of his hatred for Kael'thas, it comes as no surprise that he would be passionate, as well, about their cause.
  • Champion of the Naaru: However unlike him, Aloyseus spent several months in service to the Naaru, eventually succeeding in the downfall and death of Magtheridon.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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