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Stats Edit

Name:Aldaril Moonshadow

Title: Demon Hunter

Age: 7,302

Hair color: Blue

Eye color: Yellow

Skin color: Light purple

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 190 pounds

Spouse: None

Children: None

Siblings: Darcon Moonshadow and other possible members of the Moonshadow family

Parents: Deceased

Pets: Varies as he travels

Appearence Edit

Aldaril appears to have muscles and a clean face. When you get closer to him you will notice many scars.

Personality Edit

Everchanging, Aldaril will speak to you like any other person will. This all depends on his mood, way you speak to him, and in some cases, race. He is bound to snap at you if you make fun of his kilt.

Background Edit

Born and raised in the peaceful forest of Ashenvale, Aldaril was a smart Night Elf who had many friends. With his friends he survived many of lifes tough situations. Of course they could do nothing when he finally got married a the age of 5342 and lived happily. Soon enough his wife joined the renown Night ELf Sentinel army and changed. She became bossy and overpowering woman. Soon she died in battle and Aldaril was barely moved by the news of her death. They say all he said was"Atleast I dont have to deal with her attitude anymore." He decided to become a soldier of himself and soon found himself in the 'Battle of Mount Hyal'. Young Aldaril

His change in life Edit

Soon Aldaril Moonshadow became hungry for more power, day after day he felt like he needed to become something bigger. That is when he decided to become a Demon Hunter. He played a very dangerous game and decided to travel to the Black Temple and begin training under those of Illidan Stormrage. He finished the training and left Karabor with his new found powers. Though Illidan was not happy about this...

People do know him as: Edit

Demon Hunter. Aldaril

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