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General InformationEdit

Full Name: Alatia Mystrile-Windrider

  • Pronnounced: Ah-lah-te-uh, Mih-stry-all, Wind-rider
    • Lastnames come from family relations.

Titles: High Priestess | Loremaster | Ambassador of the Alliance | the Noble | the Patient | the Explorer | Jenkins | the Argent Champion

Faction: Alliance
Career: Priest (Lv80, Holy.)

  • If seen in shadowform, it means she is OOC. She is 100% Holy in-character.
Guild: Elysium
Professions: Tailoring (450), Enchanting (225)
Secondaries: Cooking, Fishing


Exceptionally long white hair framed the angular features of this draenic woman's face, blue eyes gazing through the strands of hair with a friendly, shy nature. Rising from her temples in elegant arches, two horns curl gently back over her crown with small, subtle grooves seen on their surface. The lack of colour to her hair created a vibrant contrast with the deep blue shade of her skin. Her long digitgrade legs add a decent amount of height to her slender, yet curvy figure; those legs end in small cloven hooves which she stood upon.
She was wearing finely crafted armor embroidered with intricate designs normally for battle, though depending on situation and location, her choice in attire can range into thick fur-lined clothing for travel in the Northrends to comfortable, casual clothing for lazy days.


Alatia of Moon Guard Server. Art © D. "Alatia" Pilkington, 2010

Race: Draenei
Gender: Female
Age: Adulthood, has the appearance of late 20s though is quite a sum older.
-Her claims to being from Mac'aree, Argus give hint to her actual age.
Hair Style & Colour: White; reaches the bottom of her rump in length.
-Usually left hanging straight, though occasionally styled in updo.
Skin Colour: Deep blue.
Eye Colour: Light blue; glowing with life.
Height: 5ft 7in at crown
Weight: 127lb


  • A symbol is faintly seen on her forehead's center.
  • Thin, chain necklace with a naaru-inspired pendant hanging from it around neck.
  • A choker with a heavy looking crystal hugs her throat.
  • Gold bands and cuffs decorate her short tail.
  • Alatia's accent is thick and purrs around her words when speaking - (player does not emphasize accent when writing; sorry, but I'm just not going to type that way. Use your imagination.)
  • A little fawn follows her around now; she rescued it after finding it huddling against it's deceased mother.


Positive Personality Traits: Aspiring, Devoted/Conscientious, Modest, Polite, Highly Curious, Agreeable
Negative Personality Traits: Highly shy, overly-modest at times
Quirk(s): Blushes easily.
Disposition: Emotional, friendly.
Life Outlook: Optimistic.
Motivation: Achievement, beneficence, recognition, creation (family)

Relationships & Faction AlliesEdit


This section is still a work in progress and updated occasionally.

Character ArtEdit

Character Reference Lineart:
#1 Work in Progress piece:
All Art is © the respective artists, and only for Alatia's use.


To be written.

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