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Horde 32 Akhamanassar Myrt'ryllyntlarn-Dawnstrike

Akhamanassar is a level 70 Warlock on the US-Moon Guard realm.

Character Information

  • Name: Akhamanassar Myrt'ryllyntlarn-Dawnstrike
  • Gender: Female
  • Family: Skylark Dawnstrike - Husband and Zane Valoren Bishop - adopted son

Appearance: Pale skin and luminescent eyes are the only hints that this elven lady is touched by undeath, this highborne shows no sign of decay and her nails are well cared for and her hair done on a classic fashion, she walks with a regal elegant posture and usually dressed for battle or with the finest clothes. The beauty of the Qel'dorei still present and her voice has an old accent and a commanding tone.

Personality Beyond her proper and polite aspect, result of thousand years as a courtier and ambassador, Akhamanassar still adheres to the old formal titles and uses, thinking of herself as one of the last bastions of her people's former glory,she shifts between hope and dismay when regarding the "modern" blood elves. Extremely hierarchy oriented and usually polite, beyond her trainned gentleness and cultivated anachrony there is a cruel and merciless spirit, relentless on her pursuit of power one would never suspect that beyond such darkness and strenght resides a romantic with a soft heart whose loyalty is neverending.

Passionate about her husband the sunfury ranger Skylark Dawnstrike, he is the only one with whom the High Magistrix of Quel'Thalas becomes simply Akha.

History called unborn for no one knew of her parents back in times of the Queen Azshara, Akhamanassar served devoutly her queen being a priestess and like many others indulging herself at the Well of Eternity she began to know the power of shadows, finally discovering the power of nether, a survivor of the Sundering with other highborn, she bears a hatred for the night elves followers of Cenarion for their biased contempt upon arcane magic, she went to the shores of Lordareon along with others who fled from the prejudicious druids, her body changed like that of her peers and her researches with the waters of the sunwell never ceased along with a small group of scholars named "Order of the Ebon Hand" she volunteered herself to undergo an experiment that would infuse her with amazing power of nether... or simply obliterate her for good, she would die by drinking the contents of one vial after undergoing a long process that would taint and defile her soul,then another vial containing the energy of the sunwell would be administered, but one of her followers had no intention in doing so and spread a rumor that culminated with the whole order being deemed illegal staging a plot where she would be considered an enemy of her own people, But Arthas Menethil and his scourge exploded the sunwell and the energies of it affected her enough to bring her back to life... another kind of life, without memory of anything and her powers disminished she began oblivious of her former self untill one day in Undercity, she listened to the Lament of the Highborne and sought Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, then her memories started stirring and coming back along the years of her training.. as her power grew, so did her memories.

She met the sunfury ranger Skylark Dawnstrike who spending his lifetime among beasts could see beyond her display of wickedness and tame her inner demons keeping her sanity while she controls his inner beast giving him some kind of stability

The Couple adopted the paladin Zane Valoren Bishop as their legitimate son and heir, the three of them along with other members of the family and close friends changed dimensions (realms) and now try to estabilish their guild the Guardians of Destiny as a strong pilar for their people and the horde.

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