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Appearance Edit

As far as tauren go, Ace Briarmantle is nothing special. He stands at a typical 7’ 2” and appears to be a fit 40-something (human equivalent) if one were to estimate. He is built like any would expect a soldier to be: broad shoulders, hard chest, flat stomach, and well-developed limbs. Firm muscle rolls beneath his course sorrel pelt, where visible. Leather armor is meticulously maintained, and is cleaned and oiled faithfully. His thick, windblown mane is clipped shorter than most, and appears to be devoid of any braids or trinkets. True to druid form, his golden-honey eyes still retain a certain tender aspect to them, and a clear fondness for most creatures and nature.

Personality Edit

He might appear unapproachable and uninterested to strangers, but a good laugh and fierce loyalty are never far behind where friends are concerned.

Known History Edit

Born and raised in Nighthaven, it was no surprise when young ‘Ace’ displayed a particular affinity for druidism. Devout in the beliefs and teachings instilled by the Cenarion Circle, young Ace clamored at the chance to become part of a Circle-based grouped called the Dreamwardens, who combat the Emerald Nightmare and it’s physical manifestations that seep through to Azeroth.

In later years, though still bent on helping contain the Nightmare and preserving the Dream, Ace left the title of Dreamwarden behind and ventures to further reaches of Azeroth and beyond, serving both the Circle and the Horde in his journeys.

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit

• Known to host monthly druid gatherings in Moonglade.

• Appears to have a close association with many smaller tauren tribes, though he does not appear to have a direct connection with any of them.

• Has a known affection for horses in particular, and will often take a moment to pet and talk to the steeds, should the opportunity present itself.

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