Mundil'fari holds many strong opinions of those groups of people he comes across in his travels, and he feels no compunction to keep silent on these topics when asked to share them. Below is a list of those groups he's come across in sufficient numbers to hold an opinion of the group as a whole. He does acknowledge that just because someone is part of a particular group, this does not preclude them from acting differently from others, he sees these opinions as sweeping generalities that give him a starting point for learning of individuals, nothing more.

The Horde Edit

“Da Horde be the best there is, mon. Thrall know that the Land be needing protection. There be those who threaten da Land in da Horde, but d’ey not be beyond savin’. Though d’ey not perfect, me t‘ink d’at Thrall and Vol’jin be wise leaders and dey know what best for all there be. Me only wish be d’at da Horde be listenen’ to d’er leaders.”

  • Orcs – “Da Orcs be good people. D’ey overcome more d’an most odder races never begin ta imagins. D’ey still ain’t got rid’da de Warlock among ‘em, but wit’ Thrall leading d’em, I’ve no doubt d’ey find da way. In de meantime, if de Warlocks say d’ey on our side, I be believe ‘em, t’ill d’ey prove odder-wise.”
  • Tauren – “I like de Tauren. D’ere is much I have in common wit’ de Tauren. Dey respect de Land, even worship ‘er as de Earth Mother. Me t’ink d’at worship be going a tad far, but I cannot be questioning d’er intent. De Tauren seem ta take d’er Shamans more seriously d’en most, for d’at I like d’em. Between d’er Shamans and d’er Druids, I have no fear d’at d’ey be betraying de Land anytime soon.”
  • Forsaken – “De Forsaken, d’ey confuse me. Many of d’er people be friendly enough, but d’ey be de Walking Dead, which be against the Nature of t’ings. D’ere people ask for assistance wit’ curing d’er curse, but d’ey develop horrible poisons and disease ta be killin’ d’ere former friends and families among de Alliance. D’ey claim ta be a free people, but d’ey ‘ave more Warlocks d’en I ever seen. D’er Queen even be keepin’ court wit’ a demon, no lie! I long since decided d’at, I be trustin’ d’em, because Thrall be Trustin’ d’em. I be believin’ d’at d’ey want ta be cured, and I be helpin’ d’em in d’at. I agree ta bein’ helpin’ d’em when I can, except when it be harmin’ de Land or d’ose ‘o not be deservin’. I done decided d’at, at least f’r now, I be waitin’ on final judgement, as I be believin’ Thrall be.”
  • Blood Elves- “Ta be honest, I not be knowin' what I be tinkin' about d'es elves anymore. I watched d'em fall to fel influence and betray de Land and its ways. For d'is I not been trustin' d'em. T'ings, d'ey be changin', do. I been hearin' about de Naaru d'ey once been enslavin'. He be gone now, taken by d'at bastard Kael, and de Blood Elves been tryin' ta be settin' t'ings right. D'ey sought, and got, de forgiveness of A'dal, and now d'ey been redeemin' d'emselves by fightin' d'ere former King. I once be dismissin' d'em, now I not be so sure. I been startin' ta be trustin' d'em, I only be hopin' d'ey don' be mislayin' my trust.”
  • The Warsong – “De Warsong, d’ey be complicated. I been workin’ wit’ d’em in de past, and I not be impressed. D’ey sacrificed d’er minds ta demons for de power ta beat de Night Elves. Howeva, d’ere leader also been part of freein’ de Orcs from de demons foreva’. D’ey ‘ave honor, but d’ey also been hurtin’ de Land wit’ d’er loggin’. I been defendin’ d’er camps, because I not been likin’ de way de Night Elves be killin’ just ta be killin’. I been hopin’ d’at de Warsong be learnin’ from de Shamans and de Druids, and d’ey be stoppin’ de loggin’ someday soon. Till d’en, I protect d’em till d’ey learn.”
  • The Defilers – “I been helpin’ de Defilers, but not for de support o’ d’ere cause, but because I don’ like de League and d’er allies. De league been havin’ a long history of huntin’ and killin’ de Trolls, de Amani, granted, but d’ey not been showin much discretion in d’er targets. D’ey see Troll, d’ey not be carin’ what kind, no? Also, I be hopin’ d’at de Defilers not be planin’ ta be livin’ up to d’er name…”
  • The Frost Wolf Clan – “I be supportin’ de Frost Wolves, d’er be no doubt a d’at. De land may ‘ave not been d’ers for many, many generations, but it be d’er home. D’ey be the Clan of Thrall, so d’ey can’t be bad people. Also, d’ey have many wise shamans who be d’er leaders, so I be feelin’ d’at d’ey be protectin’ de Land. De Dwarves, on de odder hand, d’ey want ta claim de Land for d’emselves, and if what I been seein’ o’ de Dwarves, d’ey gonna be destroyin’ de Land in d’er quest for d’er artifacts.”

The Alliance Edit

“I not be likin’ de Alliance. I ‘ave seen de way d’at de Alliance do d’ere business, and I see d’em as untrustworthy. D’ey make claims at bein’ de people of Honor, but d’ey be de ones who imprisoned de Orcs so long ago. D’ey claim to be the ones who be drivin’ back de Scourge and de Demons, but d’ey forget d’at d’ey needed de help of de Horde for the beatin’ of Archimonde. D’ey claim to be better d’an de Horde, but d’ey forget de way of Nature. Nature not favor d’ose who claim ta be de best or de brightest. Nature favor d’ose d’at act like d’ey be de best.”

  • Humans – “De Humans be de worst. D’ey be controllin’ and destructive. D’ey act as if de Land belong to d’em and only d’em. Chop down trees, dig up stone, take-take-take. I not be likin’ d’em. Most be rude and selfish. D’ey claim ta have lots o’ Honor, but d’en d’ey exploit de trust o’ odders. Thrall been called an end ta hostilities, and I been listenin’, but I been watchin’ de Humans wit’ a careful eye. And, I not be turnin’ me back on ‘em.”
  • Dwarves – “De Dwarves, d’ey confuse me. From de legends I been hearin’, d’ey were supposed ta be protectin’ and perfectin’ de land long ago, but I not be seein’ d’at today. D’ey tear up da land and kill dose who be standin in d’er way, be it tree, animal, or person. D’ey ‘ave no respect for any but d’er own, d’ey even to merely tolerate d’er Allies. I not be seein’ much d’at I be likin’ in de Dwarves.”
  • Gnomes – “I not be knowin’ much about d’es tiny peoples. D’er be many of me compatriots d’at tell me d’at dey basically be rats in pink skin, and d’at d’ey be useful for notin’ more d’en a decent meal, but I not be bein’ so sure. D’ey seem alright, I’ve never seen one d’at intentionally harmed de Land, or any odders. D’ey be closely allied wit’ de Dwarves d’o, so I don’ know what to be thinkin’. I be waitin’ until I be knowin’ more, until I decide what I be thinkin’ of d’es little guys…”
  • Night Elves – “De Elves disappoint me. D’ey seem ta be tied closely to de land, but d’ey don’t listen to de Land. D’er Druids be good for de Land, but d’ey not be knowin’ of de Spirits. D’ey can be healin’ de lands sickness, but not its soul, and d’en d’ey not see why d’er healin’ be slow. D’eve allied wit’ de Humans and Dwarves, who ‘ave no respect for de Land, and d’ey do not be seein’ de strangeness of d’is. Above all, d’ey have much pride. D’ey t’ink d’at d’ey be de only ones who be understandin’ what be right for de Land. All odders must eider listen up and follow, or d’ey get out of de way, sometimes, d’ey even kill d’ose d’at d’ey be disagreein’ wit’, as in de Warsong. I wish I be likin’ de Night Elves, but d’ey be givin’ me so little ta like…”
  • Draenei – “I gots nothin’ bad ta be sayin’. I know less about d’ese big blue guys d’en de Gnomes, but what I’ve been seein’ isn’t bad. D’ey be more honorable d’en de rest of de Alliance, even if d’ey can be kinda preachy. Most of d’em seem willin’ ta help anybody d’at need it, regardless of de allegiance. D’ey fight with honor, and d’ey have people among d’em d’at know of de spirits and defend de Land. D’ere shamans be slightly different, but at least d’ey gots some ta be tellin’ d’em what de spirits be wantin’. Gives me hope.”
  • The Silverwing Sentinels – “I not be likin’ ‘em. D’ey be de worst o’ de Night Elves. D’ey attack everyt’ing d’at d’ey disagree wit’, which be nearly anybody d’at not be Alliance. It not be surprisin’ me if d’ey would even attack d’er Allies, if d’ey disagreed.”
  • The League of Arathor – “D’ey be worse d’en de Silverwing. D’ey be hatin’ de Horde, simply because we be de Horde. D’ey alienate de Forsaken, simply because d’ey be dead. D’ey hate de Trolls, simply because we be Trolls. I spit at d’em!”
  • The Stormpike Guard – “D’ese Dwarves. D’ey clutch at de Land as if d’ey were children wit’ d’er toys. D’ey seek ta hold de land, and rape it for de secrets d’at de Land be holdin’. I can’ be sayin’ much a d’em, wit’out feelin’ kin’a sick. Bleagh.”

Shattrath City Edit

“Shattrath City be a wonderful place of peace and 'armony, I be considerin' it ma 'ome away from 'ome."

  • Lower City – “D'ese refugees be good folk. D'ey don' be seein' skin or race, d'ey only be seein' d'ose d'at need help and d'ose d'at can be givin' it. I been doin' what I can ta be helpin' d'em out, and d'ey been doin' what little d'ey can ta be helpin me. I count friends among d'ere lot."
  • Sha'tari Skyguard – “I not be doin' much wit' d'ese sky warriors. I not be denyin' d'at I be flyin' all de time, but even wit' me windrider, Shi'lor, I be preferin' my feet on de ground. Someday soon, I be meanin' ta be helpin in de defense o' de sky, but wit' all de t'ings I be pledged to, I not be findin' de time."
  • Shattered Sun Offensive – “D'ey be bein' our best 'ope for de savin' o' de Blood Elves, and d'ey be seekin' ta be stoppin' de Legion from bein' in our world again. What d'ere not be ta like? I not only be bein' supportin' d'em, but I be pledgin' meself ta d'ere cause."
  • The Aldor – “They be alright peoples from what I be seein'. D'ey seek 'armony and peace. D'ey don' be likin' when people be t'inking differently on 'ow ta be doin' d'at. I wish d'ey not be bein' so hateful towards odders."
  • The Scryers – “De Scryers be givin' me 'ope. Before de Shattered Sun be founded, de Scryers be bein' de best hope for de elves ta be gettin' back on de right track. I been doin' what I be able ta be helpin' d'em save d'emselves from corruption and rejoin de natural order o' t'ings.
  • The Sha'tar – “D'ese Naaru be havin' me respect. I not be likin' evert'ing d'ey be about, but d'ere hearts be bein' in de right place. I been doin' what I can ta be helpin d'em."

Others from Outland Edit

“I been findin' lots o' folks in Outland, and d'ey be a varied lot. I be doin' my best ta be tellin' what I be knowin', but I not be knowin' much."

  • The Ashtongue Deathsworn – “D'ey be bein' lead by a Shaman, and d'ey realize d'at d'ey were deceived by Illidan and his dark ways. D'ey seek ta be settin' t'ings right. I be respectin' d'at. Still, d'ey been tricked before, I do not know if d'ey know better...
  • The Cenarion Expedition – “I like what d'es guys been doin'. D'ey seek ta be restorin' de land, and d'ey seek ta be fixin' d'ose d'at need ta be protectin' it. I not be knowin' d'ere comrades back home too well, but d'ese guys is alright in my book."
  • The Ethereal – “D'ese guys be bein' worse d'en de goblins. D'ey be merchants, true, but d'ey be ruthless in d'ere deals and d'ey generally don' be carin' about anybody but d'emselves. Some be better d'en odders, and d'ey be helpin de Naaru, but even d'ey be shady. I not be likin' d'em, but I been tryin' ta be stayin' on d'ere good side, no?"
  • The Maghar – “D'es pure Orcs be good people. I be likin' d'em. D'ey be all d'at de New Horde be seekin' ta be regainin'. D'ey respect de spirits, d'ey revere de Land, d'ey be keepin' de ancient ways alive. D'ey been seein' hard times, no doubt, but troo de actions of myself and me fellow adventurers, and de intervention of Thrall 'imself, I be t'inkin' d'ey be doin' alright."
  • The Netherwing – “I be feelin' for d'ese dragons. D'ey know not where d'ey been comin' from. D'ey know not d'ere purpose. D'ey seek to be learnin', and d'ey seek to be livin'. I hope d'at I be helpin' d'em wit' d'at. D'ey not be trustin' me totally yet, but I be workin' on it. Soon I be teachin' d'em de spirits, I be hopin'."
  • The Sporelings – “D'es little guys been gettin' de short end o' de stick. D'ere part of de Land be dyin' and d'ey not be knowin' any odder way o' livin'. D'ere children be bein' eaten by d'ere neighbors and d'ey not be havin' many allies. I been doin' what I can ta be healin' d'ere land, like I be healin' all de Land, but I do not t'ink it will be enough ta be savin' d'em."

The Others Edit

“I be knowin’ of some of de odders. D’ey be too diff’rent ta be summ’rized, ya know? I gotta say, do, I be trying ta not judge d’es odders before I be knowin’ d’em, do, wit’ somma d’em, it be hard.”

  • The Steamwheedle Cartel – “D’ese Goblins, d’ey be alright. D’ey be greedy little guys, but d’ere alright. I gots friends among d’ese Goblins, and I drink wit’ ‘em when I gots the time. D’ey gots some honor in ‘em, so d’ey not be stealin’ ya wallet, but ye better be careful, cause d’ey know better ways ta be getting’ ya money d’en stealin’.”
  • The Venture Co. – “D’ese Goblins, on de odder hand, d’ey not be alright. D’ey be just as greedy as de Steamwheedle, but d’ey got non o’ de honor, and non a de charm. D’ey destroy de Land and d’ey take what d’ey like, regardless of who be ownin’ it. Watch y’er back around d’ese guys, mon. Better yet, keep ya axe ready.”
  • The Bloodsail Buccaneers – “D’ese pirates. D’ey not be likin’ me. Ever since de day d’at d’ey saw me walkin’ outta d’at Booty Bay, d’eve been tryin’ ta kill me. I dunno why d’ey be hatin’ everybody d’at be on good terms wit’ de goblins, but I not be takin’ it lightly. I don’ regret my hand in killin’ d’ere captains. D’o, it likely be meanin’ d’at d’ey never be forgivin’ me…”
  • The Gelkis and the Magram – “De Centaur, d’ey be tricky. D’ey be nasty folk, but d’ey also can be sorta understandin’ and intelligen’. In a relative sense, o’course. D’ey understand de Land and d’ey can be peaceful. Most ain’t, d’o. Most be worshipin’ de Old Gods, and be eatin’ d’ere own. De Gelkis and de Magram be decent for de Centaur, but I be admitin’ d’at d’ey be useful for little more d’en exploitation for de best of de Horde…”
  • The Timbermaw – “De Furbolgs be a good people. D’ey understand de Land and de Spirits. D’ey know de ways of de world well. But, d’ere’s ain’t a happy story. Most o’ d’ere people eit’er be dead or corrupt. De Timbermaw not be ei’ter, but d’ere is few d’at see d’is. D’eve become badly mean, and d’ey attack everybody d’at come near. I been tryin’ ta gain d’ere trust, but it been a slow way ta go. D’ey no longer be wantin’ ta kill me on sight, no more, but d’ey still not be likin’ me…”
  • The Zandalar – “De Zandalar be trolls d’at started it all. D’ey be de ones d’at ‘ave always been ‘ere, and d’ey seem like d’ey be here forever. I got no pro’lems wit’ d’ese trolls, and d’ey got no problems wit’ me eit’er. D’ey be workin’ ta get rid o’ Hakkar, who be de Trolls version of de demon d’at corrupted de Orcs. I gots respect for d’at. I not been able ta help wit’ d’ere fights, d’o. Not yet. Someday, someday soon, mon.”
  • Forest Trolls – “Ma feelin’s be mixed wit’ de Forest Trolls. Some, d’ey be alright. De Revantusk be good Trolls, and I been doin’ what I can ta help d’em wit’ d’ere troubles. Some, d’o, d’ey be getting’ me mad. Zul’jin and ‘is Amani, d’ey is too proud. D’ey feel d’at de Elves be all d’at be bad in de world, and d’at de Horde be worse for allyin’ wit’ de Blood Elves. I spit at de Amani. If d’ey t’ink d’ey be betrayed, d’ey be crazy. D’ey be de ones d’at be de betrayers. D’ey used ta fight alongside de Horde, but now d’ey be attackin’ de Horde. I may not be trustin’ de Blood Elves, but I do be agreein’ with d’em on one t’ing. De Amani need ta be taught a lesson…”
  • High Elves – "I not be knowin' a bunch about d'es elves. I know d'ey be part o' de Alliance, I know d'at d'ey be kin ta da Blood Elves and I know d'ey been fightin' de Amani foreva. I not be knowin' much more d'en d'at, odder d'en d'ey not be likin' me. I been helpin' out a troll in one o' d'er camps in de Hinterlands once, and d'ey not be takin' kindly ta me liberatin'im. I'm sure d'ey 'ad d'er reason fer lockin'im up like d'at, and I be holdin' no ill will to d'er doin' d'er duty in tryin' ta stop me and 'im. For now, I not be sayin' wedder I be likin' or hatin' d'es elves. I no be trustin d'em, for d'ey oppose da Horde, but I not be goin' outta ma way ta be causin' de'm trouble."
  • Black Dragonflight – “I not be likin’ de Black Dragons. D’ey be de worst of d’ose d’at not be worshipin’ de demons. D’ey be destructive an’ nasty. D’ey wish ta rule all de peoples of de world. D’er leaders don’ be knowin’ de order of t’ings, else d’ey be ignorin’ ‘em. I been hearin’ of de experimen’s d’ey been doin’ and it be makin’ me mad. I been tryin’ ta rally me compatriots ta start takin’ action against d’ese monstas. It not be a question of whet’er I be wantin’ d’em gone, it be a matter of how soon…”
  • Green Dragonflight – “I not be knowin’ what ta be t’inkin’ of de Green Dragons. De legends tell, d’at de Green Dragons be de protectors of Nature. D’ey know of de spirits and d’ey are de protectors of de t’ings d’at live on de Land. I be t’inkin’ something be wrong, d’o. De Green Dragons be wild, and d’ey attackin’ everyt’ing d’ey be seein’. D’ey almost seem ta be mad, especially when d’eve just come out o’ d’ose crazy portal t’ings. D’ey kill what d’ey do not recognize, and d’ey don’t seem ta recognize notin’.”
  • Naga – “I not be likin’ de Naga. D’ey reek of corruption and d’ey be ugly ta boot. D’ey are aggressive and cruel, I gots no tolerance for d’er sort. If d’ey not be attackin’ me, I be ignorin’ ‘em, if d’ey attack me, I be killin’ d’em. Not’ing more, not’ing less.”
  • Ogres – "I not be knowin what ta be sayin' of de Ogres. I know d'at d'ey once be part o' da Horde, and some still be part o' da Horde. I not be havin' problems wit d'es. Some went out on d'er own. I not be havin' problems wit d'es. Some now attack da Horde. I be havin' a problem wit' d'es. D'os d'at cause problems for da Horde, I kill. D'os d'at defile de Land, I kill. All odders, I leave ta d'er fates. D'ey chose d'er paths, d'ey must now walk d'em.

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