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Basic Information (RP)Edit

Name: Mundil’fari

AKA: Mund, Far-Walker

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Species: Jungle Troll

Aptitudes and Personality (RP)Edit

Likes: The Open Sky, Watching the Stars, Fon’Fli (his pet panda), The Thrill of Honorable Combat, The Natural History of Azeroth and her peoples

Dislikes: Those who would desecrate the Land, Unsolved Mysteries

Strengths: Adaptability, An exploratory nature, Trusting, Easy going nature

Weaknesses: Curiosity, Easily misplaced trust, Rage issues when the Land is endangered

Personality: Mundil’fari sees himself as a conduit of the righteous rage of the Land. Wherever the balance is threatened, he will be there, protecting what needs to be defended and reclaiming that which is already lost. Whether calling down the righteous Thunder of the skies, summon the Earth to rise in defense, stirring the eternal Flame of the Land’s Heart, or beckoning the Tides to aid the Land Mund never doubts his actions. When not rising to the defense of the Land, Mundil’fari is actually quite a gregarious fellow. Quick to trust and slow to suspect betrayal of this trust, Mund will go out of his way to be kind to those he feels deserve it. Alliance or Horde, it means nothing in light of the Land and its People. While he mistrusts the Alliance as a whole, he has long since realized that it is unfair to make assumptions, for his life has been saved more than once by a kind Night Elf or Human.

Opinions on the Various Races and Factions (RP)Edit

History (RP)Edit

Mundil’fari sits upon a log, part of the circle of Tale-Tellers around the bonfire of Sen’jin Village. It is night, and the fire burns low, as the many travelers and heroes that have gathered in the village of their people this night regale eachother with tales of their deeds. Having listened in rapt attention to the travels of his companions, Mundil’fari’s turn arose:

“So ya be wantin’ ta be hearin’ me story now, eh?” He laughs heartily. “Me thinks it not be a great story to be tellin’, but it not be fair ta’ be listenin’ wit’out tellin’.”

“I be born back on de Islands, many years ago. Me mama, been tellin’ me d’at I be hitten’ de ground runnin’ when I been born. D’at be why she be callin’ me Mundil, she thought it be bein’ funny. I be missin’ me papa early back d’en, like many of ya’. He be lost in on of his hunts, the tribe never be sure, but d’ey blame de Murlocs. I not be rememberin’ d’at day, but I be remembrin’ me mama’s tears. I knew d’en d’at I be needin’ ta be strong for me mama.”

“I been growing quickly, and I been learnin’ from my village’s master hunters. They been teachin’ many t’ings, and I be learnin’ quickly. D’en, de Humans came, and soon d’er after de chief been captured by de Murlocs. I be among d’ose dat promised ta find da chief, and we be preparin’ ta leave, when Thrall arrived.”

“Thrall be a shock ta me. I never seen nothin’ like ‘im. He be big and green and strong lookin’. He spoke wit’ da voice of a leader, and I knew d’at he be special. I been helpin’ Thrall and his people fight for de Darkspear, but he be captured by de Murlocs too. We been doing our best, but we not get there in time to be saving both Thrall and Sen’jin. Thrall saved de Darkspear d’at day, and we be grateful. We joined de Horde d’at day, and I not be regrettin’ it.”

“I been proud ta be helpin’ da Horde. I been fightin’ alongside Thrall and de Horde, and d’is brought me much glory. We fought ta save de Tauren from de Centaur, and d’ey give us great gratitude. Da Chief of de Tauren told Thrall de way to ‘is destiny, and de Horde knew d’is was a moment of greatness. He done split us in half, leavin’ half to build a place ta be safe when he return, and de other ta go wit’ him ta see de Oracle. I been wantin’ de glory of de great battles, so I been wantin’ ta go wit’ Thrall and his troops, but I been among de warriors who been ordered to stay wit’ Hellscream and defend de land.”

“I been doin me best ta do as de Warchief been said. I been listenin’ ta Hellscream, but somethin’ was wrong. I remember de fear, as we been hearing whispers in da trees. Hellscream called us cowards, but we trolls been knowin of de spirits. De forest be mad at de Horde for intrudin’ and we were scared. De spirits proved to be de Night Elves while d’ey be hidin’, but that be no less dangerous, and d’ey did want de Horde ta leave. We been fightin’ and we been losin’. D’en Hellscream found about d’is well. He been claimin’ d’at it be givin’ ‘im great power, and he ordered de soldiers ta be drinkin from it. De trolls, we knew better. We could smell de stink on de water, but we knew not what it be. We refused, and retreated inta de trees, waitin’ for Thrall ta be returnin’.”

“When Thrall returned, he bring wit’ him de Humans, but de Humans not been attackin’. D’ey d’ere ta help. D’ey worked wit’ de Horde ta free Hellscream from de water’s corruption. D’en Thrall and Hellscream went ta find de t’ing dat done did de corruption ta de Orcs. It be d’er fight, and I been not know exactly what d’ey did, but de Demon be dead, and Hellscream be dead, and Hellscream be honored. I done guessed the truth, do Thrall not speak of it for many years.”

“Then came de final stand. It done been de first time I been seeing de enemy d’at de Orcs been tellin’ de Trolls of. Demons and de Walking Dead. Was terrible ta see, especially de giant demon t’ing d’at be called Archimonde. Somet’in of d’at t’ing chilled me soul. We fought much d’at day. I been losin’ lots a friends, but de Night Elves, d’er Chief be successful. Archimonde lay dead, as did much of our peoples, as did much of de land.”

“I do not know why, but d’at day bothered me for many more years. In my dreams, I saw nothin’ but de dead trees and animals, the bodies of de trolls and orcs and tauren and humans and elves. De nightmares be terrible. When I not been sleepin’, I been doin’ what I could ta help Vol’jin and de odder trolls build our villages on de Echoes. I even built a hut for me mama. It was beautiful and we be proud ta call it home, but it did not last. We been betrayed. Zalazane done brainwashed de Darkspear, and we been forced ta retreat ta Sen’jin here. I done left me mama behind, she was got by Zalazane and stayed in our hut. I felt horrible.”

“The nightmares been getting worse, and having lost me mama, I did not know what I doin’. I wandered for many years, wit’ little purpose and less sense in me head. D’en, a short time ago, I done got a vision. I saw the battlefield again, but it be different. De bodies be gone, but d’ey replaced wit’ lot o’ flowers and tiny trees. I seen a great troll, who not been showin’ his face, healing de land. He told me over ‘is shoulder d’at all was not lost, if only I would unlose meself. I woke, and I knew somethin’ be different. D’at be de day d’at I became a shaman.”

“It been takin’ me a long time, but I been gettin’ stronger. I done many t’ings. Some great, some not. I done much good, and been tricked into doin’ bad. I helped ta slay Zalazane, and I freed me mama. She be livin’ in de North, in Orgrimmar. I been figtin’ de battles d’at de Horde and de Land be needin’. I just done helped kill de Sandfuy god, a short time back, and I been helpin' de folks in de Plaguelands in cleanin' out de Scourge. Is tough work, and d'at not be all. I been sent by da Horde, along wit' many odders ta da frontlines in Outland. I been workin' wit' d'em, and even wit' de Alliance, ta be cleanin' da Legion from de Land d'er. As I been goin' tru Outland, I been doin' what I can ta be healin' de Land d'er, but it not be lookin' good. De Land be takin' too much damage, bot' d'er and in de Plaguelands here at 'ome. It be tough work, and it be keepin me busy d'es days.”

Mundil’fari bowed his head to his audience, and smiled softly, brushing the dust off of his pants. He threw another log on the fire, and passed the duty of the story on to the next, listening with keen interest once again.

Recent Events (RP)Edit

Months had passed since Mundil'fari had last visited home. With no small amount of guilt, he found himself standing in the doorway of his mother's home in Orgrimmar. With a yelp of surprise, his mother noticed his presence, and a smile of joy crossed her face, followed swiftly by a look of anger.

“What'choo be doin' 'ere ya pitiful excuse for 'a son? It's been months since I be hearin' from ya! What'cha been doin' that be so important ta be worryin' ya ma? Ya could'a been dead for all I be knowin'!” Din'arak had a fire in her eyes, which reminded Mundil'fari that we never grew up enough to lose our fear of our parents. He had faced demons and monsters which could cause grown men to weep, yet his mother still terrified him.

"I be sorry, mama. T'ings... D'ey be gotten complicated." He scratched the back of his head in shame.

"Well ya best be gettin' in here ya lousy lump." His mother smiled softly, her anger subsided. I just been worryin' 'boutcha, son. Ya coulda been dead like ya father, then where'd I be? You be de only reason I have left ta be livin'. By the shadow, I may not even be livin' if not for you. You got me out from under d'at Zalazane and bought me d'is lovely 'ome. Enough about d'at, d'o, tell me, just what it be d'at been keepin' you so busy?"

"Well, mama, it all be beginnin' when I been entering Outland under orders from d'a Warchief..." Mundil'fari settled in, idly munching the fruit his mother brought him.

"I been fightin' de demons d'at be infestin' de land d'ere. D'ey be everywhere, seems like d'ey be growin' outta d'a land like de grass an' trees should be..."

<i>"I been finding many lost treasure out d'ere. De lost cousins of de Orcs, de Mok'Nathal be hidin' in de mountains. D'ey be good folk, if they be a little strange. De Maghar also be livin' in Outland, d'ey be Orcs wit' de brown skin, for d'ey never be fallin' in wit' de demons, I even been meetin' Thrall's grandmama! D'ere also be a race of de tiny mushroom men d'at live in de swamps." He paused to nod at his incredulous mother. "It be true, I be swearin'! Tiny mushroom men!"

"I found de City of Shattrath. It be wonderful, mama. I be needin' to be showin' ya it sometime. D'ere be people d'er from all over de worlds. De Horde and de Alliance be livin' side by side, protected by glowing beings of de light called de Naaru."

"De Naaru be amazin', mama. D'ey is made of light and d'ey speak wit no mouths. D'ey be seekin' to preserve both Outland and our own home, simply because it be bein' de right t'ing ta do. I do not be agreein' wit' everytin' d'ey be sayin', but d'ey be de best allies we be havin'."

"Sadly, de Naaru be divisive. D'ey not be meanin' to, but, d'ey is. De Aldor, d'ey be de Draenei d'at be stayin' in Outland to be servin' de Naaru, d'ey been startin fights. D'ey t'ink d'ey be de only ones d'at de Naaru should be trustin'. D'ey constantly fight wit' de Scryers. De Scryers be a group of Blood Elves d'at be seein' de way of de demons and d'ere evil king and his ally de beast Illidan be bad for d'em. D'ey seek ta be savin' d'ere people from de brink of corruption, a cause d'at I was proud to assist wit'. Sadly, when I agreed to be helpin' de Scryers, de Aldor be considerin' me a traitor, d'ey now try ta be hurtin' me on sight."

"Fortunately, de leader of de Naaru, A'dal, be bein' very wise. He not see difference between de Scryers and de Aldor. He sees both as doin' good. When de Blood Elf King, Kael or sometin', be striking a deal wit' de demons, A'dal brought de Scryers and de Aldor togedder to be stoppin' 'im. I be happy to be seein' d'em all be workin' togedder, so been helpin' d'em de best I can. I been especially happy to be seein' de Blood Elves start to be redeemin' d'emselves after d'er King been shown to be a traitor. It be doin' me heart good."

"On a more personal note, mama, I be runnin' wit' a new clan d'es days. De Burn Unit once been standin' for de brodderhood of de Horde and de cleansing of de land, but it been strayin' from de path. I been leavin' de Burn Unit wit' some o de odders d'at be seein' de corruption seepin' into de Burn Unit. We been joinin' wit' what be left of de uncorrupted Blackrock Clan. We been tryin' ta cleanse the name of de Clan, much like we be tryin' ta be cleansin' de land around us as we go. We even been preparin' to be entering de tower of dis mad man named Medivh. He be de one d'at be openin' de Dark Portal so long ago, and his tower been becoming a place of demons and danger. We seek to be cleansing it one day, but it be a job d'at be takin' a while."

Mundil'fari smiled warmly at his mother, glad that she seemed to understand why he had been doing what he has. She smiled warmly and small tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Son, you be doin' our family proud. Metinks d'at if ya father be bein' alive today he be very happy to be seein' ya do right by de world." She smiled sadly, nodding slowly. "Go, go out d'ere. I know d'at you be havin' much more to do. Do me proud, son. Don' be forgetten I'm here d'o." She smiled mischeviously. "I know d'ey been havin' mailboxes out d'ere in Outland. It not be bein' impossible to write ta me."

Mundil'fari smiled. "Yes, mama. I be doin' d'at. I be keepin' sendin' you money at de bank, I be promisin' d'at." He smiled lovingly. "May de spirits watch over you."

"May de spirits watch over you, too." She smiled warmly, and followed him to the door. "I be lovin' you son."

"I be lovin' you to, mama."

Mundil'fari took his leave, heading back out into the world, knowing that he'd always have a home and a loved one to come home to.

Specializations and ProfessionsEdit

Specialization Profile
Currently alternating between a 41/0/20 and a 0/3/58 build, as our raiding group requires.

Skinning: 375
Dragonscale Leatherworking: 363



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