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Mazrigos opened as a migration realm during Phase 7 of the Free Character Migration aimed at migrating characters from high populated servers, Daggerspine EU and Stormreaver EU.

In January 2009, Mazrigos opened again for Free Character Migration from the realms Frostmane EU and Kazzak EU. Along with this Free Character Migration, the guild; Security - now SECURITY (Alliance 15), migrated to Mazrigos from Frostmane EU as one of the top 15 guilds World Wide.

The server was low populated PvE server due to it being a rather new one, however over time it has become a regularly populated server. There are even a number of guilds from each faction that currently have Firelands on farm status.

The namesake for Mazrigos is said to derive from Mazrigos the orc farseer and leader of the Blackrock Slavers who defended the demon gate which the lich Kel'Thuzad used to commune with the demon lord Archimonde. Arthas and Kel'Thuzad killed him along with four other orcs guarding the demon gate.

Guilds Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance »

Sushi Syndicate Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Ninjabunnies Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
The Nugen Reloaded Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Cold Logic Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Wardogs of Darkness Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Dunadain Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Guildies Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Infliction Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Light Keepers Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Dark Council Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
MysticBlades Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Dark Legion Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
HoB Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Ronin Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Raven's Call Icon-armory-18x18Armory

Horde 32 Horde »

Almost Famous Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Dynamic Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Dont break the oath Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Forbidden Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Loke's List Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Serenpidity Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
The Beauties Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
The Legacy Web Icon-armory-18x18Armory
Vin La Cvicek Icon-armory-18x18Armory

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