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Rare Enchants and CraftablesEdit

The following tables make finding the rare enchant or craftable you need much quicker and easier than spamming trade chat to no avail.

I would like to keep the rare pattern list small so please only post if you can craft an item or give an enchant that would be difficult to find in trade chat. If you believe that I have an item listed that is common please also let me know about that so it can be removed from the list.

If you can craft one of these items or you notice a mistake please:

a. Add or update the appropriate table manually. (Please make sure you know what you are doing, do not destroy the template.)

b. Contact Nahlia (Alliance) or Eacar(Horde) in game if you need help.

Trade alchemyAlchemyEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde

Trade blacksmithingBlacksmithingEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Battlelord's Plate Boots Geistreiter Rossness
Spiked Deathdealers Arasini, Geistreiter, Hunday, Fargnicehole, Trielwin
Treads of Destiny Felinda, Tehtsara, Vansmirnoff Darelina
Belt of the Titans Drakia, Grumps, Pinix, Tehtsara, Vansmirnoff, Wyman Rossness, Warbringer
Indestructible Plate Girdle Arasini, Geistreiter, Grumps, Wyman Darelina, Ninegenerals
Plate Girdle of Righteousness Arasini, Telgrim, Vansmirnoff Urzug
Sunforged Bracers Grumps Darelina, Ninegenerals
Sunforged Breastplate Grumps, Ironmaiden
Breastplate of the White Knight Grumps Darelina, Ninegenerals
Titanium Spikeguards Ninegenerals, Rossness
Titanium Razorplate Darelina
Saronite Swordbreakers Hunday, Skanda Darelina, Ninegenerals

Trade engravingEnchantingEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Enchant Weapon - Blood Draining Fordprefect, Sandshinobi, Sundai, Terschia, Edanna Draghar, Kristalelf, Zeaket
Enchant Weapon - Blade Ward Advan, Djay, Freecandy, Kallyn, Sandshinobi, Seradin, Stasys, Terschia Tehtsara

Trade engineeringEngineeringEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde

Inv misc gem 02JewelcraftingEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde

Trade leatherworkingLeatherworkingEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Boots of Wintry Endurance Jenhoo, Nahlia, Sonmon, ParadØxx, Syanne, Madcarl Rhinoamerica
Boots of Living Scale Sonmon, Tariandris, ParadØxx Rhinoamerica
Footpads of Silence Jenhoo, Nahlia, Ninoshka, Tharis, Syanne, Mcsheep
Lightning Grounded Boots Jenhoo, Nahlia, Syanne, Ciebric Rhinoamerica
Belt of Arctic Life Sonmon, Syanne, Mcsheep, ParadØxx Holocause
Belt of Dragons Fordprefect, Jenhoo, Syanne, ParadØxx, Madcarl Dreamchaser
Blue Belt of Chaos Fordprefect, Syanne, ParadØxx Shonokoko
Death-warmed Belt Syanne, Mcsheep, ParadØxx
Crusader's Dragonscale Bracers Syanne, Mcsheep, Shizham, Temphistdawn, Ciebric
Black Chitin Bracers Syanne, Shizham, Temphistdawn, Luucifex, Ciebric
Knightbane Carapace Syanne, Shizham, Temphistdawn, Wulf, Ciebric
Crusader's Dragonscale Breastplate Syanne, Mcsheep, Luucifex, Ciebric Gorishi
Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate Syanne, Mcsheep, Shizham, Temphistdawn, Ciebric Gorishi
Lunar Eclipse Chestguard Syanne, Tharis, Ciebric
Moonshadow Armguards Syanne, Mcsheep, Tharis, Ciebric
Bracers of Swift Death Syanne, Mcsheep, Ciebric
Footpads of Impending Death Ciebric
Blessed Cenarion Boots Ciebric
Earthsoul Boots Ciebric
Bladeborn Leggings Ciebric
Lightning-Infused Leggings Ciebric

Trade tailoringTailoringEdit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Spellslinger's Slippers Edanna, Freecandy, Loistar, Seradin, Smokewalker, Sudguy, Terschia Jadochori, Lowpass, Luma
Savior's Slippers Dyvimtvar, Edanna Thelen
Cord of the White Dawn Amorion, Freecandy, Scorrch, Smokewalker, Terschia Jadochori, Lowpass, Spacedonkey
Sash of Ancient Power Cadeaux, Deathlasher, Edanna, Kola, Mystee, Terschia Luma, Thelen
Merlin's Robe Advan, Amorion, Deathgaze, Dyvimtvar, Ratherton, Terschia, Ciebric Jadochori, Rayea, Tiger
Royal Moonshroud Robe Ratherton, Terschia, Ciebric Rayea
Royal Moonshroud Bracers Ciebric, Dyvimtvar, Greygoat, Loistar, Ratherton, Smokewalker, Terschia
Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers Ciebric, Deathgaze, Edanna, Ratherton, Terschia Colochael, Jadochori, Spacedonkey
Deathfrost Boots Ciebric, Dyvimtvar, Edanna
Leggings of Woven Death Dyvimtvar, Ratherton Luma
Lightweave Leggings Dyvimtvar
Sandals of Consecration Dyvimtvar

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