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Bacchanalian, infamous gnome warlock on the Llane server is known best as the drunken guild leader of the notorious Fahrenheit guild.

Frequently seen spamming general chat with drunken banter and spamming the Llane forums with random postings, the most famous quote associated with Bacchanalian is denying being "EODRINKL".

Formerly the Warlock moderator at and known on the Horde side as the druid Cadienne, Bacchanalian has housed several members of his own guild for parties as well as even going so far as to take in the Druid officer as a roommate. The blurring of the lines between his "real life" social life and his World of Warcraft acquaintances has combined with his leadership of Fahrenheit to form a guild brought together not only online, but outside of the game for various events, most recently including a Fahrenheit gathering for the Super Bowl and for the first Saturday of the 2006 World Cup, both hosted at Bacchanalian's own home.