Tirsadel in his natural habitat.

Tirsadel is a legendary creature from the realm of Server: Lightbringer US. It is said that once upon a time he dwelt in a different realm, one beyond both space and time, but some consider that to be uneducated nonsense. Currently, he is a master druid, capable of shifting into not ONE, not TWO, not THREE, not FOUR, but FIVE mighty forms! Why he does this, nobody knows, since he sucks at each form more than the last.

He trolls forum boards daily, adding to the misery and carnage wrecked therein. As of mid-August, 2009, he trolls the Affliction guild forums most of all, leading some to speculate that he is presently in said guild. This still remains a mystery, however, as no guild could possibly be bonkers enough to admit him into their ranks.

A master of disguises, Tirsadel has many alts. Some he has endeavored to name under some kind of "Seven Dwarves" naming policy, but has failed miserably, as those names are already taken. The remaining alts have no naming scheme whatsoever, prompting some to believe that Tirsadel lost his sanity some time ago. This is untrue - he never had any to begin with.

Devilishly handsome, Tirsadel spends his free time watching TV on the couch, or picking at his bedsores. What his diet consists of is unknown, but many scientists speculate it can barely be described as food.

If you encounter a wild Tirsadel, do not approach it, and do not attempt to confront it alone. Contact the authorities or the police, but do make sure to keep an eye on him. Never let him get behind you, because Rogues Do it from Behind.

Tirsadel is fireproof, though this fact has never been actually tested. In fact, if it was, he would stop being fireproof.

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