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Hunter-nightelf-f-70IconLarge NightElf FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes hunterHitgirl is a level 70 Night Elf (Marksman spec)Hunter on the realm Kul Tiras (My main character in World of Warcraft)


Origin Of Name:Edit

My original name for my various characters in WoW and Halo etc. was "Hitman" and then I wanted to create a female character thus the name "Hitgirl". Over the time I have received some criticism for the name but i stick with it.

Preferences Edit

Alliance 32 On Hitgirl I enjoy mostly PvP, (even though i am on a normal realm) reflected in my various PvP items and mount. I enjoy killing flagged NPCs and love raiding towns. I am editing this page now and it has been like 6 months since i created it, but since then i have gotten better gear and gotten into raiding and arena teams, and i am progressing mainly with arena gear.

Guild Edit

Since level 16 I had been with the guild "In Strict Confidence" until very recently i have left the guild due the basic falling apart of the guild in which many of our main members left. Also the whole time I was in the guild I was sort of the "noob" of the guild due to my slow leveling rate. So when I was trying to get a group together for Zul Farak or something my guild was off doing Molten Core or Zul Gurub. In fact the whole time I was in the guild I only did one raid with them. Because when i hit 60 it was just a couple of weeks before the Burning Crusade was released.

Currently I am in the guild Damnation

(Learn more about ISC at : ISC armory page

Professions Edit


Currently Hitgirl is a level 266 Leather worker and a level 328 skinner. Originally I picked leather working because I thought it would be nice to be able to make armor for myself and that was all good until I hit level 40 and I realized hunters use mail.:P And since then I just didn't want to be bothered by starting a new profession.


Spell holy sealofsacrifice Just recently i finally went to Theramore and did that stupid quest and now, yes, i have 375 first aid.

Pets Edit





Ability hunter pet catAbility hunter pet crabAbility hunter pet spider Currently Hitgirl's main pet is "Stripes" a level 66 white tiger (tamed at level 47 in STV). But Hitgirl's first long time pet was Peirre, (I know its spelt wrong) a level 32 blue crab (tamed at level 10 in Darkshore) and I just wanted to keep him as a novelty. Hitgirl's third pet slot has had many pets over the time but at the moment it has "Deathskitter" a level 64 red spider. Deathskitter was originally a rare (cool looking) spider in Terokkar Forest I tried on my own to tame him two times but was killed in my attempts, so eventually i got a level 65 passing by shaman and a level 70 priest from my guild to come and help tame him (and that was still cutting it close).

Alts Edit

Currently besides my hordies which i dont play much I have two i am working on:

IconLarge Draenei FemaleUi-charactercreate-classes shaman Elanu level 53 draenei shaman (page soon to come)

IconLarge Gnome MaleUi-charactercreate-classes warrior Bigbrutus level 11 gnome warrior

Additional Info Edit

For all Hitgirl's additional spec's including talent tree reputation and items visit Hitgirl's Armory page

[Hitgirl's Uber Weapon of Leetness]

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