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The flag of Kul Tiras

General Edit

The European Kul Tiras is a Normal (PvE) server with according to Blizzard a medium-population, but that's a load of bull cause the server's been dead for years. Its primary language is English and it uses Central European Time.

The official forum is at Kul Tiras forum. The unofficial community forum does not exist anymore.

Guilds Edit

Official alliance mini-icon Alliance Edit

Official horde mini-icon Horde Edit

Top 10 Guilds of Kul Tiras Edit

  • The below Guilds are rated on bosses down in Ulduar.
    • 1- Element [Alliance] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 8 hard modes)
    • 2- Behind my Camel [Horde] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 6 hard modes)
    • 3- Quintessence [Alliance] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 6 hard modes)
    • 4- Synthesis [Alliance] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 6 hard modes)
    • 5- Vanquish [Alliance] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 4 hard mode)
    • 6- Pendulum [Horde] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 3 hard mode)
    • 7- Random [Alliance] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 3 hard mode)
    • 8- Shadows of Doom [Horde] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 2 hard mode)
    • 9- Pretentious [Alliance] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 1 hard mode)
    • 10- Calidus [Horde] - Webpage (Yogg-Saron, 1 hard mode)

PvE Progress (Wrath of the Lich King - Patch 3.0) Edit

PvE Progress (Burning Crusade) Edit

PvE Progress (Classic) Edit

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