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This article is a realm page for the Korgath US realm (server)

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Korgath is a PvP server which was brought online to deal with over-population on the servers Tichondrius and Kil'Jaeden. In June 2006 another three servers were given the option to transfer to fill up the low population. These were Shattered Hand, Stormreaver, and Warsong. The majority of players on Korgath transferred from one of these realms.

Changing the Landscape of Korgath Edit

Korgath started with guilds transfering onto the server in March 2006 that were slowly making their way through Ahn'Qiraj. Later a surge of guilds made their way to Korgath in June 2006 that were in search of a lag-free environment. In this way, a once empty and low population server landed on the map with many high-end guilds making Korgath home. The realm really started to shape up after many transfers from Darkspear came over and increased the population.

Best Player On Korgath Edit

Not anymore

Guild Progress / RankingsEdit

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