In 2005, a player from the guild M Y S T and a A mystie and a scarlet knight went, with a guild they had both friends in, to ZG and MC to see what was there. They found each other and thought we can do that better when we combine Myst and SK together. For ZG there were enough people with some help from Lowlands Companions, MC not and found two other small guilds (Uskoci and CES) with some nice same kind of people to join our alliance. SCUM was born and it grew and grew.

Uskoci got too big and went on their own in late 2006, just when we were about to start BWL. TBC was on his way and it wouldn't take long before we had to level again, so some of us went to BWL with friends from Nementos Order who showed us around that place, same for AQ40 and Naxx. Just to fill up our gametime while waiting for TBC, clearly we all knew the drops from there would only be usefull to level up faster in TBC.

TBC broke our alliance of 3 guilds and made it an alliance of 2 guilds. Some from SK went to CES to stay in SCUM, others stayed in SK and went their own way.

Once upon a time there were two guilds, Myst (M) and Scarlet-Knights (SK), who didn’t know each other, but were both small with some members who wanted to venture 25 man/ 40 man raids. There was no way in the near future, they could do it with their own guild. Some mutual friends in the guild the Ninth asked them to join them in their raids, they lacked some players. After a while the Ninth grew to big and didn’t need us anymore so we decided to join forces and MYSK was born.

We went ZG and all went fine, but next step was too far away. We found ourselves two other guilds CES (C) and Uskoci (U) to join our alliance so we could go MC. SCUM was born.

Progress went slowly, since most of us were casual players, playing for fun and not 24/7. Some who wanted more progress, left us to more hardcore guilds, others stopped playing wow and we had to start over and over again and again to gear our alliance to get ready for BWL. Uskoci at some point wanted to go on their own, we had no choice but letting them go, leaving us with not enough good geared members left for BWL.

November 2006 we found NO to go to BWL with, while waiting for tbc. By then we all knew the gear from BWL would not much matter anymore since tbc was coming fast. But that didn’t matter, we just wanted to see BWL, Naxx and AQ40.

Tbc broke up alot of guilds, alliances by the change towards 10 man and 25 man raids and the need to level and gear up again. SCUM lost SK due to unsolvable discussions among the officers about the future of SCUM. Those SK members that wanted to stay with Myst and CES in the alliance joined one of those two guilds.

Therefor we are SCUM (We like the name SCUM too much to get rid of the S  ), our progress in WoW is Karazhan on farm, Maulgar on farm and Gruul 2 times killed and waiting for more deaths, while preparing for SSC, Maggy and The eye

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