Kilrogg Community Watch List Edit

Welcome to the Kilrogg Communiy Watch List. This page is meant to make the Kilrogg Community aware of disciminating players within the Kilrogg Server. If you know someone who needs to be added to the Kilrogg Community Watch List, please make sure that the individual's name appears next to the appropriate category. You must include a valid Screenshot with your submission, including a description within the Screenshot, and proper evidence to backup your story.

If you have a Gold Farmer you wish to report, please do not use this page to report that individual. Instead, please refer to the In-Game Spam Too by right-clicking on that person's name, then selecting "Report as Spam".

Failure to provide sufficient proof will result in immediate removal of that submission.

Category Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde
Verbal Harassment
Physical Harassment
Uncivilized / Bad-Mannered Individuals
Ninja Looters

The Way of the Ninja

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