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Errlang - A level 60 dwarf warrior on the World of Warcraft server "Kil'jaeden".

Errlang October16 2006

A picture of Errlang as of October 16th 2006.

The Beginning Edit

Errlang is a direct descendent of Erlang who was created December 28th 2004. Errlang was created on March 31st 2006 as a result of Erlang being banned.

Account & Character History Edit

1st Account (Banned)
Erlang - 60 Dwarf Warrior (Previous Main)
Gangksta - 60 Gnome Rogue
Facemelter - 28 Gnome Mage

2nd Account (Active)
Errlang - 60 Dwarf Warrior (Current Main)
Aimbot - 25 Dwarf Hunter
Nubcakepwner - 7 Gnome Mage

Location (Intangible/Digital) Edit

Errlang resides on the World of Warcraft server "Kil'jaeden" in a guild called Zephyros.

The guild Website can be found here:

The Ownage Edit

Errlang is an unstoppable force that nobody dares to step in front of.

Playtime Edit

Old Account: 183 Days 11 Hours
New Account: 78 Days 17 Hours
Total Played: 262 Days 4 Hours (6292 Hours)
Account Created: 657 Days Ago - December 28th 2004
Average Per Day: 9.58 Hrs. - 39.90%
Updated: October 16th, 2006

Future Edit

Will there be an Errrlang?

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