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On Azeroth

Born Into a wealthy family, Nukarm DawnEye, son of Barateth DawnEye (deceased) and Marak SunWoven (assumed dead, but no evidence) Trained as a priest of Quel'thalas as did his father, who was a high priest. Four years after nukarm was born, his younger brother; Kolrockan was born, he trained as a mage. Eventually achiving the status of high priest, Nukarm became close friends with Kael'Thas SunStrider;the prince of Quel'Thalas. WHen the scrourge attacked, and when his father was slaughtered, Nukarm confronted Arthas Menethil, first death knight of Ner'Zuhl. He was pierced through the heart, by Frostmourne, Runeblade of Arthas, he then fainted.

When he awoke, He was in Dalaran, where most of the survivors were taken. he was bleeding, and tried to heal himself, as he was doing so, the holy spell turned fell, and he blacked out. He awoke once more, healed and safe, he arose, and felt a rush of energy flow through him. his body warped, his eyes Burnt green, he grew wings, horns, and his feet turned to hooves, his skin turned a grey/black color, and he lost control, he fired bolts of shadow which scorched the skin, and flesh off those whom it hit. After a band of mages, including his brother; Kolrockan, sealed him in an arcane vault he blacked out once more. when he awoke again, it was in the ruins of Dalaran, sealed in the vault. He struggled to break free, but his attempts were futile, he heard voices, and ones he knew well, Prince kael'Thas, Lord Garithos, and his mother. they released him, as they believed he would have calmed down, and he had until a small amount of scourge attacked, and took his mother, this sent him int another rage, and once more he blacked out. This time when he awoke inside the vault, an imp appeared, Lazmat who was apparently sent by Kael'Thas. Lazmat quickly set him free, killing the human guards around the vault single handedly, they escaped, and found a portal, his people, and naga, he was told by Kael to quickly get through the portal.

On Outland

When he arrived on Outland, he Searched for his brother, whom he found Speaking to a naga Myrmidon. He was told of what happened, and what happened to his powers. He could now no longer call upon the holy light, but had the powers of a warlock. Since he was first touched by Frostmourne, his powers had dimmed a slight bit, but could still flay the skin of a weaker humanoid with a shadow bolt. He decided to embrace his new power, as he knew he would be unable to return to the light. when news that Illidin was captured by the sentinels came to the Blood Elves, he rushed into battle, fearlessly, and helped rescue Illidin. when the time came to assault The Black Temple, Nukarm lead a small band of spellbreakers, priests, and Draenai Assasins through to Magtheridon, whom he helped defeat. When the Sin'dorei were called upon to assault icecrown, he, along with most of his race, declined, and returned to Azeroth to rebuild Silvermoon City.

The Dark Hand

Five years after the events on Outland, Nukarm, and his closest friend, an undead warlock, Shazroth, formed a guild, The Dark Hand, a Guild of the finest Assassins, Soldiers, Mages, Priests, and warlocks In the land. Speculated to be a special Horde force, The Dark Hand actually was a band of mercenaries, who would work for anyone, if they had the money.


Although he can flay his victims with a shadow bolt, and speak with demons telepathically, Nukarm specializes in Affliction

Sources of incomeEdit

Originally Making money from Savory Deviate Delights, Nukarm Began to sell glyphs, herbs, and a Large amount of items found on his many adventures.

Loyalties and OpinionsEdit

Sin'dorei: His loyalty is immediately with his people, if they were to side with the loathsome gnolls, he would follow them. He show great pride in his race.

Horde: His loyalty comes secondly with the horde, who are his family, friends, and allies.

The forsaken: Nukarms loyalty lies equally with the forsaken as it does with his own race, his home is in undercity, his closest friends are forsaken, and most of his guild members are forsaken.

Alliance: Slightly friendly to all Alliance races, although he loathes the night-elves, as they are fools, for their reliance on nature, and he hates the Humans, as they betrayed the Blood Elves.

Goblins: Goblins to Nukarm are an annoyance, although he has no hatred for them.


Barateth DawnEye (father (deceased)) Marak SunWoven (mother (presumed dead)) Kolrockan DawnEye (Brother)


Nukarm is fearless when it comes to battle, as he has no fears, Frostmournes touch took his soul, and his fear. He is kind to friends, and Incredibly cruel to enemies, prefering not to kill them straight away, but to make them run, while in pain, them drain their soul, and put it into a Vial which he will torture it in.

As a PlayerEdit

I as a player, am online, normally everyday of the week, if you want to join the dark hand, then whisper me in-game, if i'm not online, send mail to me. the dark hand mind you is a small guild, so if you join and are disappointed, then you shouldn't have bothered.

Final noteEdit

If you want to just comment on this page then whisper me in game.

P.S. i know jubei'thos is not an RP server, but there isn't any Oceanic RP servers, and i dont role-play much.

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