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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Walletman the Wise Alliance 15 Jaedenar_US IconSmall Orc Male Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Shaman 2 None

Early life Edit

Walletman front

Walletman greets you all with a hearty hello

Walletman wasted most of his life sleeping and being more or less a lazy peon. Though he focused his attention toward the slothful aspects of life, Walletman still built up a small list of impressive accomplishments. Among these include his useful talent for filling his mouth with rocks while causing little damage to his remaining teeth. His most impressive achievement to date was the famous "all-day nap", during which Walletman was unwakeable, even by the Foreman's Blackjack. Blizzard reset the server once enough players complained that the quest had been bugged.

Struggle Toward Greatness Edit

Seeing the life of a hero as rewarding and full of cash rewards, Walletman decided to make something of himself and join the cause of the Horde.[1] This sudden change of heart surprised Kaltunk and Gornek, who were used to seeing the orc lounging around and disturbing their operation.

Walletman was eventually trusted with the task of killing ten boars. Due to an unfortunate miscommunication, Walletman instead counted ten dead boars that other players had fought.[2] This was not a good start for our hero. Eventually, he got it right and finished the quest. One boar produced an unexpected item - Ragged Leather Pants. Though pleased with his new gear, Walletman found changing in public to be an embarrassing ordeal[3]. It is not yet known what a boar was doing wearing leather pants; it is possible that Walletman had defeated a mutant hybrid boar/cow, which would have been a rather impressive victory.

Recently, Walletman reached level 2[4], surpassing those who were once his friends and family who were more or less all throwing their lives away. His relative success is an amazing one, considering the thin amount of effort he put into making that success a reality.

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